Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks for Ruining My Sleep

Whenever Linz and I are playing a game, it tends to be the focus of our blogs. Since this is my third blog about Fallout: New Vegas, guess what I'm playing. Even though I'm done with the main story, I'm still trudging through the most jacked DLC I've played in awhile.

The Dead Money add-on is creepy as hell!  I can't remember the last time I was so tripped out by a game. Not even Bioshock freaked me out this much. The combination of eerie sound effects and troubling music (or sometimes no music at all) makes the gameplay super intense.

The enemies are creatures in ragged black suits and gas masks. They aren't creepy to look at until they move. They have a jarring, stumbled walk and erratically jump from side to side before putting their heads down and charging for attack. Add in the very dark environment and you have a pretty frightful fight. These enemies are the ones that generate the Bioshock reference because they move like Splicers.

I don't like scary games. My mental tolerance level is super low for anything scary and insanely suspenseful. So I'm a little irked that this kind of gameplay is suddenly thrust into my game. Fallout has it's occasional intense moments, but nothing of this magnitude. If I wanted to play something so scary I would play Dead Space or Dead Island. My character actually runs around with a bomb collar on. This isn't Saw 3. I feel like I'm stuck playing through to the end. I want the achievements and now I'm invested in the story. I can't just quit or I won't get to see how it ends. 

So all I can do is grind through and hope that the next three pieces of DLC for this game will stop ruining my sleep.

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