Friday, September 9, 2011

Information Overload

There is always a huge push in marketing and publicity right before a game comes out.  Artwork, weapons, developers, voice actors, and more are sent across the internet to get you to buy the latest title.  But these giant shovels-full of information have started hitting me in the face earlier and earlier.  I think its time to throw the brakes on the media blitz.

Right now, I'm totally overdosed on Borderlands 2.  I was really excited when I first heard this game was coming out.  And I had a deeply rooted love/hate relationship with the first Borderlands game.  But ever since the official announcement of the sequel, the game has been everywhere.  Doesn't sound so bad, except that the game doesn't even have a release date.  Gearbox has announced that the game will come out sometime "during Take-Two's fiscal year 2013 beginning on April 1, 2012".  That means the absolute earliest it would come out is April which is more than six months away.  Pre-order sales are set up for September 1, 2013, just shy of a year away, but even that date is subject to change.  So aren't they jumping the gun a little ?

So far, there have been numerous interviews with developers.  Sizable chunks of gameplay were displayed at PAX Prime and subsequently put online.  Game artwork has been discussed and peddled at all the major gaming shows, magazines, and blogs.  This game is everywhere and it doesn't even have a release date. 

My first problem is the general over-saturation.  I already feel like I'm tired of reading about it and ready to play, but I still have months and months before that's possible.  Second, I like keeping a little mystery.  I remember walking into new areas in games and being amazed at the design and execution.  Everyone remembers the first time they found an awesome, hidden weapon that they didn't know about.  Then the excitement that comes with blasting through enemies better than you ever thought you could.  Or just the adventure of meeting new characters and hearing their stories.  Releasing small bits of information isn't bad, except that they are doing it from now until the game comes out.  All those nuggets of info are going to end up giving away a lot of the fun.

Let me clarify by saying that I love reading an article or two about a game before I buy it.  And I super love playing demos.  Otherwise, how else would you know if its worth your hard earned money?  But winding up the hype machine so early in the game's development makes me mentally exhausted.  I am incredibly psyched to play Borderlands 2.  I just hope they don't make me sick of it before I even open the case. 

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Linz said...

Bret was just talking about how L.A. Noire burnt him out like a year before it even released because of this same situation. They did a cover and exclusive on it in GI and that was two years before it even came out (not unlike Borderlands 2's recent cover...)