Monday, September 5, 2011

Pick Your Sides

The debate is on for which version of Commander Shepard is better, the male or the female.  I argue heatedly for the female Shepard.  She is one of the few strong female characters in video games that isn't hyper sexual.  Well, at least not until the end when she turbo-bangs Kaiden Alenko.  I had my female Shepard tag that ass, twice.  I also think that she has amazing voice acting.  But I have started hearing that some people really think that male Shepard is better.  I'm open to the discussion.  Go ahead, internet, give me your best argument. 


Jimmy Trapp said...

think both the female and male Shepard are equally good, just depends on how you use them.

Linz said...

Since this is a game where your choices completely determine your character's actions and worth I would say that it doesn't matter if Shepard is male or female. I think it's more impressive to have a non-hyper-sexualized female lead when you aren't choosing the sex (like in Portal.)