Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Don't Want To Be Social, I Just Want To Socialize

Here's the thing, I don't feel bad about saying "no".  I am constantly receiving text messages and phone calls.  Or better yet, the request is being made that I fulfill my girlfriend duties to accompany my man somewhere.  All to often, these go completely ignored.  I say no so I can stay home and play Xbox.

I have developed this very weird habit over time of talking to people online but not in real life.  I would much rather sit in party and chat about useless nonsense than spend almost any amount of time talking to people.  I used to ignore my phone calls and text messages.  Now I don't even keep my phone with me.  I intentionally leave it in the bedroom while I'm in my gaming space elsewhere in the apartment.  Linz and I both have phones, but I can't remember the last time we talked on them.  Same with my sisters.  We just send text messages saying when we will be online.

The boyfriend constantly asks me to go places.  Its hard for me to determine if I don't want to go because I want to stay home and play online or if its because I don't want to go no matter what.  The answer is frequently the latter.  But I still wonder about the few times I'm unwilling to pull myself away from a game or the people I'm playing with.  If I had my way, the two of us would stay home all day long and play video games with our online friends.

This happens year round, and the urge to ignore the outside world is particularly strong right now.  If I hate going out now, imagine how impossible it will be in the next month or two when its cold outside and I have half a dozen new games to play.  If you want to hang out, you better plan on coming over or getting on Xbox.  I'm hunkered down for the winter.

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Linz said...

We talked on the phone that one a couple months ago. It was too weird.