Monday, September 19, 2011

Back: Check. Vengence: Check.

Hi faithful followers, new readers, adoring stalkers...  I'm back.  Not that you've had a chance to miss me with all the awesome coverage Debbie has offered.  I had some family events happen that kept me offline for the last 3 weeks, and while I can't say I missed things like Facebook all that much, I have definitely missed gaming and blogging.  (Admittedly I've instantly fallen back into the "check Facebook constantly" habit.  Ugh.)

So now that I'm back you should know this: I'm having an intense love affair with the Wii right now.  Right before Real Life got in the way I had picked up Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii, and hadn't had a chance to play them at all.  We've been cracking away at DK today and it is a blast.  Prepare yourself for a full review in the very near future.  Also the 3-yr-old in our house calls it "Konkey Dong."  Oh, from the mouths of babes.

Other than that I fully intend on getting back to a good schedule of Xboxing it up as well.  We should all schedule a get together online sometime.  Halo: Reach anyone?  I suppose you could also play CoD, but you'll have to talk to Debbie about that.  Share your GamerTag in the comments if you'd like to hook it up with the Achievos online.


Bill Castor said...

Kirby is a great game! It is on the easy side, but it is challenging to get the three items on each level! Your kids will like it too!

Bill Castor said...

BTW, my gamertag is Blwfsh18, but I don't own Halo: Reach

Debbie said...

Lindsey. I have missed you and your blogging. Your grammar and punctuation are so much better than mine, its shocking. Welcome back !