Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Legos have been fun since I was 4

I am notorious for not finishing a game before reviewing, but for Lego Batman I can't really even begin to review. I have played part of it before but just picked it up today at GameStop for $20, which is awesome. They are running a special and I was happy to fill in my Lego game collection. I have played and plan to review Star Wars The Complete Saga & Indiana Jones, just haven't gotten there yet.

Anyways, Lego Batman, cheap at a store near you! I can't decide if it's cheap because they want to push it or because it is sucky and they're like "crap get this off our shelves." In my opinion it is not the most fun Lego game, that title is strictly in the hands of Star Wars The Complete Saga. It is so amazing and fun. Indy was fun too, but I am less a fan of Indiana Jones so I don't know how much that swayed me. Batman is least fun so far, because I think that it is kind of hard to maneuver the "menus" (batcave/asylum) compared to the school or the cantinas from the other two games.

Also, Star Wars had a leg up on these two because there is such a variety of characters. You can choose between 6-ish characters that do the same needed attack, instead of one character who can do the attack in 6-ish different outfits. It is much more fun to choose your favorite Jedi than it is to choose your favorite outfit.

I feel slightly less attached to Batman because I thought it would be based on the movies but it is based on the comics. Not that I wouldn't love to read the comics, I just never have, and I am less familiar with them. Although as I become more and more nerdy, and do more comic-based research, I am lead to wonder how on Earth Harley Quinn has not been in a Batman movie? That chick is amazing!! In defense of Batman, I also had not seen and am not really that fond of the Indiana Jones movies, so ... well .. I guess Star Wars has the unfair advantage. (Not unfair really, Star Wars just rules.)

Basically to sum up the reason I wrote this post:
1 - I am back from not posting. We had family here and I was unable to spend my quality time with the interwebs.

2 - I found myself fantasizing about Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 this morning. Basically I love the Lego franchise and think it is so fun. And Lego HP will probably be the ultimate for me. I can't wait to play for the Wizard's Cup. Or -OMG- QUIDDITCH@?!? Seriously!?

Friday, June 5, 2009

What Can E3 Do for You?

I regret not being at E3. It would just be so fun. I've never really considered going in the past, it has been like a dream mecca, attainable only if y0u are very very good. But this year it was heavily in my mind. I couldn't even watch the live footage on G4 though because of the move. So I'm relying on a different blog to tell me what all was announced and now I want to talk about some of those announcements.

Link to blog where I found a list of games is here. Thank you, ivory_soul. For some reason I couldn't find any specifically E3 related press releases etc. Probably because I didn't try very hard. (Update - I got on E3's site and it is hard as crap to compile a list of everything that released just to do this blog. So I now am that much more grateful to ivory_soul.)

Xbox 360
Sept. 22 '09 -- Halo 3: ODST - Clearly Xbox only releases are going to be ruled by Halo. It is amazing, and we need more. I need something to jump-start my love for Halo again.
Q4 '10 -- Halo Reach

Sept. 29 '09 -- Dead Space: Extraction - I have never played Dead Space but I was just told by a friend that it is super fun and terrifying. I don't know how I feel about this being a Wii title though. Did I miss one releasing as a multi-platform perhaps?
Q4 '09 -- New Super Mario Bros. - Hello? If you're not excited for this you should go take your pulse because I think you are dead.
TBA -- Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Galaxy 1 made my top 3! Obviously I am totally psyched about further exploring the galaxies with my best red-hatted & mustachioed buddy.
TBA -- A Boy and His Blob - This game was so fun on the NES and it was ridiculous and I don't really know anyone who understood it enough to play it. Hopefully a Wii release will be slightly clearer and therefore even more fun!

Sept. 29 '09 -- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Okay I have to admit something - I've never played Kingdom Hearts. But I have heard it is awesome and I'd love to give this DS title a run.
TBA '09 -- Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - I haven't read anything about this but a Mario & Luigi title gets my attention.
TBA -- The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Same here, Zelda on the DS is super fun.

PS3 (which I don't even own..yet)
TBA -- Fat Princess - I read about this title in Game Informer and it sounds so fun and silly. You steal a princess then feed her cake so that her people can't come and steal her back. Hilarious!
TBA -- LittleBigPlanet 2 - Because I don't own a PS3 I haven't played LBP 1 but I have read and heard amazing things, so I am psyched that they are releasing a 2nd. Idk what it would have, since I've been lead to understand a lot of the content of LBP 1 is user made? I guess just more levels designed by real people who get paid

Multi-Platform (platform of choice for me? Xbox)
Jun. 16 '09 -- Ghostbusters - What person in their 20-30's didn't totally love Ghostbusters as a kid? From what I've read this game is really spot on, the original Ghostbusters even voice the characters. So fun!
Jun. 23 '09 -- Overlord II - I've played the demo of Overlord 1 and it was ridiculously humourous. I would definitely play II, maybe even without picking up the full first game. Or maybe now that the 2nd is coming out I'll get the first for cheap. Who knows.
Jun. 23 '09 -- Fallout 3: Point Lookout - I've watched so much Fallout 3 being played that I could easily review it, so I'm excited for more content for the game but mostly just for my husband who, I'm pretty sure, wishes he lived in the Wasteland.
Aug. 4 '09 -- Wolfenstein - This is along the same lines as Ghostbusters. Who didn't play Wolfenstein for hours and hours as a kid? Who doesn't want to play it now in amazing graphics?
Sept. 1 '09 -- Guitar Hero 5 - Seriuosly I love Guitar Hero. It's like the Now of video games. we'll all be playing Guitar Hero 32 and saying "wow I owned Guitar Hero 1."
Sept. 9 '09 -- Rock Band: Beatles - I am beyond psyched for this. Who doesn't want to pretend to be the Beatles?!
Oct. 13 '09 -- Brutal Legend - I've been watching this game grow in articles and man it looks so fun. Not only is the main character voiced by Jack Black, but he is also his likeness (kind of), and the premise of the game is blood spilling on his amazing belt buckle and sucking him into some kind of alternate dimension of ROCK. Ahh!
Oct. 16 '09 -- Where the Wild Things Are - I've read nothing about this and assume it will suck as most game-made-from-movie titles do, but the book is so cool. There is real potential.
Nov. 3 '09 -- BioShock 2 - Man this is like a catharsis for me, because I am yet again admitting to not having played BioShock 1 even though I have been told it is so awesome. I want to play it before I play 2, as 2 is the storyline continuation.
Nov. 10 '09 -- Modern Warfare 2 - I've read some on this, but mostly am excited for it because a lot of my gaming friends are thinking it will take over in our lives as the "new Halo". We'll see.
Q4 '10 -- Dante's Inferno - I love literature. I love video games. This is like heaven - but it's hell! Ha irony. I am so excited to play this game. The articles I've read on it make it look amazing and so fun. I've never played God of War but I guess it would play something like that? All I know is they're sticking pretty true to the actual Inferno which is awesome.
TBA '10 -- LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Oh man I love HP so much and I love the Lego games so much. Again, did E3 find and read my personal "this would be a perfect video game" journal??
TBA '10 -- Final Fantasy XIII - I love the Final Fantasy games and I'm excited that I'll be able to play this one on the Xbox.

Obviously there are more I'm excited about, but these are the ones that are really pushing my buttons at this particular moment.