Friday, September 16, 2011

KevinWK Hearts Dead Island

Have you ever had a bad day?  Do you have unchecked aggression?  Want something to take it out on?  You should try the living dead!  Dead Island has already shipped 2 million copies, which is no small feat for Polish developer Techland, who is better known for the Call of Juarez series.  This game is full of surprises both good and bad.  But there is one thing that is constant, this game’s world will infect you and keep you coming back for more.

I have been playing Dead Island for about a week now, and I have no plans on stopping.  I started off as the character Sam B., the one hit wonder rapper from New Orleans.  Sam is performing his song, “Who do you Voodoo, Bitch” when he is bitten by one of the undead.  Sam then discovers he is immune to the infection.  I picked him because of his melee skills.  He is pretty much a tank for punishment which I always find useful for online play.

The weapons in Dead Island vary from location to location.  Since it takes place on a resort island, you aren’t going to find shotguns and AKs everywhere.  You are more likely to find blades, boat oars, and tire irons from vehicles.  Melee weapons are plentiful, but can wear down and break over time.  Carrying multiple weapons is vital so you always have something to fight with.  You can repair these weapons at workbenches, as well as modify them ala Dead Rising 2 style.  I just made a machete with a shock attribute that slices and electrocutes the zombies.  I want to marry it.

The voices in the game are a mixed bag.  The zombies are terrifying, but some of the NPCs and main characters will make you lower the volume of your game.  Sam has so many accents, I don't think he always knows which ones to use.  The undead should start a chorus group because I can only describe their moans and growls as pure evil.  As a true horror fan, this is beautiful to me.  Some of the other characters though, live up to whatever stereotype they are trying to portray.

Give him the shocker !!!
The game is meant to be played online with friends as you will forcefully find this out when you get to the city portion of the game.  Once there, you will have to avoid many battles because you are way outnumbered by the living dead.  I usually prefer to play alone, but this game had me calling people to play with just to get through certain parts.  There really isn’t much of a death penalty, they just take money from you.  But it still gets frustrating when you are dealing with 3 infected, 1 walker, and a thug, which knocks you down with every hit.  This game is about survival and you will need your friends to last!

Dead Island is very reminiscent of Borderlands.  Skill trees, quests, maps and everything were definitely inspired by Gearbox’s masterpiece, but taken to another level.  It may not have the same weapon engine, but there is enough here to keep you bashing in zombie heads for a long time.  You can load up on the quests and take them on at your leisure, enabling you to take a fun tour of everything the island has to offer.

I am having a blast playing this game, and you will too if you enjoy first person, action RPGs, or if you just want to beat the bloody hell out of the undead.

Today's Guest Writer, Kevin WK

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Linz said...

This sounds like a game for my hub. He loves nothing more than destroying the zombie hordes.