Sunday, February 15, 2015

One More Line

One More Line is a free mobile game that has slowly taken over my life.  It is one of those apps that is perfect for passing the time.  Playing a round takes less than one minute.  If you aren't very good at it, like me, it will take about 5 seconds.

The goal is to travel the furthest possible distance down a straight lane.  There are small orbs scattered around that you must use to slingshot yourself forward.  You die if you hit the walls; you die if you hit an orb.  The replayability is akin to Flappy Bird.  No story, just a single objective to keep trying.

What makes this game so much better than others like it is the amazing soundtrack.  It's one song looped, but surprisingly doesn't get old.  It probably becomes annoying for those not playing, but who cares about those jerks ?  I once heard someone call the sound "futuristic space disco" and that is a fairly apt description.

The other great feature is the ability to take pictures of your run right in the app without having to take a screen shot.  It will then save the picture or instantly post it to social media if you want.  Why don't more games have this ?

Since it's free, just download it and save it for when you need to pass the time but might not have the attention for something difficult or story driven. 

Check out some game play here.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lego Marvel-ous!

Yes.. I went there.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is so flipping fun you guys.  I literally can not stop playing it.  It's one of those games that you start playing, and then you think, "Wow, I should really get to bed."  Then 2 hours later you're still playing because you need to unlock Ms. Marvel oo and Ghost Rider ooo and Red Hulk oo and....  it just never ends.

That's the best part.  The story is fun to play, and has all of the elements you expect from a Lego game.  It's silly and funny, and overall fairly easy.  I have to say that some of the puzzles in this Lego iteration truly did leave me puzzled.  I actually had to Google a level because I could not figure out how to progress after I had run around, looked and destroyed everything.  That is the one thing I trip up on in this game - I don't know all of the characters so I'm not sure what all of their special skills are.  It doesn't make it less fun, but it does mean I spend some extra time trying and failing.

I have to say that the games have become more and more polished as they've gone along too.  In the early games (Star Wars, Harry Potter 1...) you could free play, but you only had access to a few of your characters.  Now, even when you free play the levels, you have access to everyone you've unlocked.  And you can save and quit at any time.  Amazing!  I think the characters are more dynamic in Marvel too.  They all have interesting and different animations which makes it fun to branch out from your initial favorites.

Probably the most fun development is the free world map.  The game is based in New York City, and in between levels you can free play the city.  There are about 150 mini side quests to unlock characters and gold bricks.  You can run, fly, drive, and explore the city from the subways to the rooftops.  It's basically an adorable version of GTA IV.  I love it.  I do not love the racing quests, because I am horrible at driving and I think that they flying characters are hard to control... so that gets really frustrating really fast.  But what's life without a few challenges?

So if you like Marvel, Lego, or just plain having fun this is the game for you.  I highly recommend it.