Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If I Can't Have Them All, I Don't Want Any

There are a lot of highly anticipated games coming out in the very near future.  Many players have probably reserved their copy in advance.  Doing so can provide bonuses in the form of in-game content or even tangible items.  But are the deals really worth it ?  More importantly, does it matter ?

First, I'll start with an example.  Gears of War 3 is coming out September 20th.  Many of the diehard fans have reserved their copies and will attend midnight launch events around the country to procure their disc for immediate gratification.  But where they get their copies effects what perks they bring home.  Reserving at GameStop gives players the Commando Dom dlc.  Best Buy will give out the Mechanic Baird dlc.  WalMart offers up Savage Grenadier Elite while Amazon is peddling Savage Kantus.  Numerous games have the same type of spread across vendors so we will stick with Gears for the sake of a consistent example.  But please know that they are not alone.

I have always wondered whether or not people really decide where to reserve their games based on what the extras are.  I have been a GameStop girl since the one is Sioux City was still called EB.  I might be one of the few screaming fan girls for a retailer, but it is safe to say that most people have a preferred place to buy their games.  That in mind, it would be interesting to see how many people look at the lineup of preorder bonuses and change their reservations from one retailer to another.  Maybe someone already had their money down for a copy at Best Buy and then saw the glory that is Savage Kantus.  Are they really going to cancel their reservation and put the money down on Amazon?

Battlefield 3 will give you and actual shotgun !! ........... probably not

The opinion held by many is that if the content isn't already in the game, then it isn't that amazing to begin with.  If the character outfits, skins, or weapons were so great, the developers would be excited to put it in the game, not restrict the amount of people with access to it.  Even if the bonuses are mediocre, they frequently turn up further down the road as purchasable dlc.  Even in the case of tangible rewards, the bonus is usually a cheap, novelty item that will eventually be thrown out, given away, or buried with other disposable decorations.  This is not only the reserve bonuses, but also the items that come as a part of collector and specialty editions.  Remember that Black Ops RC car that used a million batteries and sucked them dry after 15 minutes?  Or how about the super flimsy plastic gun that came with Dead Space 2?  I remember and I wish I didn't.  There are some serious collector's items available for games, but they involve hundreds of dollars and are well worth it for the most intense fans.  

Even the English get caught in the advertising machine.
 Reserving a game isn't even necessary anymore.  Stores are super stocked for the triple A titles; they aren't going to run out.  That being said, reserving a copy doesn't cost any more than walking in and buying on release day.  And if you are going to pay the same amount, you might as well get a tiny little something for free.  I just hope that people aren't losing sleep over where to buy their games based on miniscule amounts of content.


Linz said...

I have never pre-ordered a game. There, I said it. Granted, this all may change with SSX coming out...

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