Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Much Guilt

Today, I hacked my own game for the very first time.  In the game I'm currently playing, I heard there was a way to get a ton of currency and a super cool weapon that was hidden by developers.  For some reason or another, it was decided by the powers that be that this should no longer be available so they sent out a giant patch for it.

After looking up numerous ways to access the weapon of my dreams, I found it.  But did it take too much?  I cleared the cache and deleted some title updates.  With all that maneuvering, I'm starting to feel really bad.  I imagine developers had some pretty good reasons for taking it out of the game.  This is probably as close as I've ever come to actually cheating.  Its a single player game, so no one else will deal with the effects.  But I still feel like a big ol' cheat.  Now I have to find a way to make it right before this horrible gaming karma comes back to get me.


Linz said...

What game?!

Blogger said...

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