Sunday, October 9, 2011

Digging Up Dirt on Megan

I'm sure you all remember our fabulous guest blogger Megan from her three part review of Rift (found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  Well, we dug up some dirt on her and are here to fill you in on what's the haps in her gamer life.

Gamer tag?  Maegaan (So creative, I know!)

Where do you spend the majority of your gaming time?  The majority of time spent gaming is now on PC, a shift from my console based roots. Most time is spent playing Warcrack, but I also enjoy playing Spore from time to time still, and am avidly looking forward to the release of Diablo3. I also enjoy Rift, though trying to keep up two different MMOs to the standards I've set for myself don't allow much time for it anymore.

We have seen that your love is mostly spent on WoW.  What is your favorite character race/type to play?  My hunter was my first character, and I never truly enjoy playing on another character as much as my hunter. I like ♥trolls, but goblins are way fun, as are Worgen (and are now the only alliance race I'll play). 

How do you feel about game guilds?  They are almost impossible to avoid in a game like WoW.  Game guilds can be both a blessing and a curse. I tend to view them much the same way as I do cliques in real life. Having a built in group of people to do things with is fantastic, but if you have no good way of 'breaking in' to one of these groups, it can be rough going. Much rougher on games like Rift or, to a slightly lesser extent WoW, where much of the end game content once you get to max level is solely ran by guild groups. People claim guilds aren't necessary in WoW, and it's true that they aren't 'necessary,' but having a group of people committed to completing things efficiently and well makes the world of difference in how much you enjoy your playtime (see: amount of Megan's swearing when forced to run a dungeon in the Looking For Dungeon matchmaking system, good lord there are a lot of idiots out there!)

And what about achievements?  They are a fairly new addition to the WoW world.  Achievements are a nice bonus for people that care about that kind of thing. I go on streaks where I will try to get more, but it's not something I care to focus on. Most of them are silly and don't mean much besides the point total. I am a closet DPS meter whore though, and that is what I focus my game around. I very much try to not gloat in game or anything, but I ♥seeing my name at the top of the DPS meter, and I will pout and complain incessantly until I am able to achieve that. I don't let my love of meter topping keep me from avoiding standing in fire though!

She hunts. She heals. She focuses on DPS.. And when she's bored she creates beautiful fireworks shows.
If you're on WoW, look for this girl (server Ner'zhul).


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