Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Have a Few Words...

You see, the title is a double entendre.  First off, we're seriously having some words, readers.  Did you see our last entry?  Did you read to the end?  We're offering you free stuff!  All we want is your measely comments.  Justify our love, and all that.  And we've had 92 views since Kevin WK's guest blog went up and the giveaway went live.  And we've had one comment.  You're not giving iDiivil much competition here, people.  I'm sure she appreciates that.  But I want to give you one more chance: make a relative comment on this blog, on the link on Facebook, or on Twitter and you will be entered into the drawing for awesome free stuff.    You have until midnight (Pacific time zone) tomorrow, October 15.

Now for my second set of words for you, and these are significantly more cheerful.  I just have to wonder, am I the last person on Earth to get behind Words With Friends (WWF)?  I think I might be.  But you know what?  I'm just glad that I'm finally on board.  As an English major, any time I can play a word game I am happy as a clam.  A clam that get seriously un-happy when I have 4 N's, an E, an I, a Q and a Z.  Because REALLY?  Or oo, oo, the eternal word-game problem when you have all vowels.  It's too bad I can't spell the noise that my brain is making in frustration, or I'd get 14 points!

I love being able to play against my real life friends though, except when they are totes slow and I am waiting 12 hours for them to play a word.  Just check your game, people!  Don't leave me hanging!  Lucky for me I have like, 10 games going at once so I usually have something to do.

Two beefs - One: I am back on a Facebook game.  Every time I think I break free.  Every time I leave my farm or my mafia or my fishtank behind, let it go, free myself... I'm sucked back in.  This time by beautiful, beautiful words.  And I wouldn't have to be attached to the world of Facebook if I didn't live in the dark ages and just had an iProduct.  But I don't.  Yet.  (Is it ridiculous to actually consider getting an iPhone so I can play Words With Friends more conveniently? - The answer: A Resounding Yes.)

Second beef: For whatever reason when I first open up WWF it totally freezes up my browser.  I don't know if it's really labor intensive on my computer, or if it's not all that friendly with Firefox, or if it's just the E.M.P. fetus I have inside of me... but it's super irritating.  If I just leave it open in a tab then there's no issue when I open up my laptop, although earlier today I was having a lot of "not responding" time from Firefox, so that leads me to believe I'm back to the worn out computer. My computer is neither that old nor that slow, so it shocks me that a web browser game can dominate its capabilities so easily.  When I asked my Facebook friends about this issue in a status, all I got was a lot of invitations to play and made fun of for not playing WWF on an iProduct.  You are all so helpful.

So what's your most celebrated WWF moment?  So far one of my greatest was playing the word "kraken".  I released it, to much joy.


Valerie said...

a) I too am considering a iProduct and WWF has been a bigger consideration than I find healthy due to everyone who doesn't have a crackberry asking me "Are you on words with friends?!" and I have to lamely reply, "No, sorry, crackberry." and they nod with me in their lament. b) Kraken my butt, Aver and Silva.

Debbie said...

I now feel guilty for playing this with you ! Knowing that it stresses you out so much makes me feel bad ... for winning !!!!

Andrew said...

get a iTouch.

Jimmy Trapp said...

I can't help myself, Cafe World gets my juices boiling. It's one of those facebook games that makes me wish I could cook my troubles away...and it does! Farmville's fun and all, but cafe World is the best!