Friday, October 7, 2011

My Break-Up With Wii Motion Control

I remember camping out for the release of the Nintendo Wii.  It was a very cold November weekend with everyone huddled up in my tent drinking hot chocolate and exchanging dirty jokes.  It was a super fun two days, but little did I know that the fun and good times would end so soon.

I had a lot of fun with the Nintendo Wii in the beginning.  Family and friends filled my apartment to try their hand at bowling or tennis.  Despite this, I quickly found myself spending far more time using the Wii to play through my old Game Cube collection.  Playing more serious games like Zelda and Splinter Cell didn't pack the same punch as similar titles on the Cube or the Playstation 2.  The games designed for the Wii lack adult content.  I'm not looking for pornography, but I would like to see some more explosions and overall maturity.

Another blossoming issue is that not only are the games not as fun for me, but the motion control itself loses me every time.  I play video games for a couple of hours every single day and with the Wii, I would get tired or have sore wrists after three or four days.  Maybe its a sign of my poor wrist fitness, but I think that motion controls just aren't condusive to my gaming style.  Even now, years later, I still find that the only games I play on the Wii are the occasional downloaded old school games.

The Wii is not the only culprit, I don't care for the Playstation Move either.  But the Playstation 3 console has plenty of games outside of the Move that are full of adult, stationary good times.  Please remember, this is an opinion blog and this is my opinion.  Lindsey and millions of others love the Wii and I respect that.  I know I'm probably missing out on some fun things, but motion control just isn't for me. 

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Linz said...

My hub gives up on the Wii, even titles he would normally love, like Twilight Princess, just because he hates motion control. Most of the games that I have loved on the Wii rely very little on motion control (maybe a flick of the wrist here or there) and that is tolerable to me. I don't think I could get into a game that for the entire 60-hr story line I'd have to be flailing around. My wrist fitness is also lacking.