Monday, October 17, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye !

It's a Trapp !!!
It's announcement time with just a couple quick reminders to start your week off right !  First up, our winner of the random package of PAX goodness is ...... Jimmy Trapp !  What did he win?  Jimmy will be receiving a t-shirt, some buttons, a sticker or two, and any other random item I feel like tossing in there; his dreams really are coming true.  Congratulations Jimmy !!!

Remember, we still have a lot of prizes left to give away including a free OnLive console !  We only had five entries for this last contest so your chances of winning in a future giveaway are great.  But the only way to win is to read and comment when the time is right !!!

Last, but certainly not least, that rascally bunch at are having another midnight launch event !  Go say hi to the crew from PixelsnPopcorn and the Sugar Gamers at the Game Stop at 2603 N. Elston here in Chicago !  They are kicking off the release of Batman: Arkham City tonight; prizes and good times await you.


Unknown said...

Damn! I could have used a free PAX shirt! Lucky bastard :)

Linz said...

Next time, IDiivil! Thank you for being a loyal reader!

BluWolve said...

Congrats to Jimmy Trapp! As long as Debbie keeps posting these blogs on Google+ I will continue to read and enjoy. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Trapp said...

I feel so special! I support Achievos and their gaming exploits!!! If you all could also support me oin my blogging efforts, go visit my comic book and movie blog at

Thanks you two! You are proof that geek women can be awesome, and HOT too!