Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Will Rock You

I'm willing to wager that by now you readers have noticed that Debbie and I have a weakness for Xbox Live Arcade Games.  I'm especially weak when they are $5.  The weekly sales get me every time!  Plus my husband has a weirdly awesome eye for games.  He had downloaded the demo for Rock of Ages out of the blue, then it went on sale around Christmas so we picked it up.  This game is such a blast.

It's kind of a puzzle/strategy game, because you have a course that you have to populate with obstacles against your opponent.  But you also have to drive your rock down the opponent's obstacle ridden course as well.  Double win!  I am not nuts about the strategy part, mostly because when I am on an arcade game it's so I can zone out, but the hubster loves it.  He watches me play and he's always like, "Want me to tell you what you need to do?  Hey, you need the wind machines.  Hey, use a cow."  It doesn't get annoying at all. (Love you, babe.  Thanks for finding this game.)  I actually appreciate his help from time to time because then I can continue to mindlessly play.  Also I dominate the boss battles way more than he does.  HA!

The game also has single player mini-games, including a take on Skee Ball.  Anything with Skee Ball is a win for me.  And there are multiplayer options, although I have not yet delved into those.  I tried to join a random game and play vs. someone online, but I think the server errored.  Or there wasn't anyone else on at the time.  In other words, readers, buy this game and play with me.

If the fun gameplay isn't enough for you, then the quirky story line should be.  The whole premise is that you go up against characters from history in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.  They are hilariously depicted, from Leonardo da Vinci to Marie Antoinette to The Plague.  And at the end of every level, when you win, you get to run your opponent over with your boulder - eliciting a nice squishy sound and a girlie scream.

At the time of writing, this game is 800 MS points to buy.  I'd definitely suggest the demo at least, you can get a lot of fun play out of that and a great feeling for what the game has in store.  And when it's on sale for 400, just pick it up.  It's a great one to have in your back pocket for some laughs at the very least.  It's not every day you get to run over Bacchus with a smiling boulder.

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