Monday, February 13, 2012

Back In The Saddle

Achievos has long been a sounding board for about all things Call of Duty both positive and negative.  While I was initially a fan of Modern Warfare 3, I have spent almost no time playing it.  Previous titles pulled upwards of forty hours of my free time every week.  Since its release, MW3 has been on the shelf for almost two months straight. 

This title's absence from my disc tray is in no way a reflection of the game itself.  If nothing else, there have been so many amazing single player games that keeping up with those and jumping in for online matches has been impossible.  Now that some of the games in my que are wrapped up and I have a little more time, I popped in MW3 expecting the worst.

With online games as massive as Call of Duty, there will always be large numbers of people who play obsessively.  If you want any chance of keeping up, its best to play as often as possible right out the gate.  Since I set the game aside in December and hadn't picked it up since, I braced myself when I joined my first lobby of 2012.

Much to my surprise, I did great !  Actually, I did mediocre.  My first two matches had my KDR breaking even but rose to slightly positive for the third match !  In the past, I have obsessed over ranking up weapons, prestiging, and monitoring my KDR and other stats.  When playing this time, I was way more relaxed and not caring about the score or my performance.

To keep myself from falling back into the old patterns of caring too much about wins, loses, and KDR, I will probably not play MW3 more than once a week.  I still have plenty of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to keep me busy until SSX and ME3 begin ruining my life at the end of the month.  But it is nice to know that I can walk away and still have a little bit of skill when I return.  Its even more reassuring that stressful games can still be fun if you give yourself a chance to relax.

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