Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quit Being So Picky

The name of the blog is Achievos, so it should be no surprise that this particular entry is exclusively centered around achievements.  I finally finished my second playthrough of Mass Effect expecting some achievement popping.  But thanks to some serious restrictions, that never happened.

I am talking about the Completionist achievement.  The description reads "Complete the majority of the game".  For most people, the word majority refers to anything over 50%.  For the sake of making it more involved, this achievement requests around 90% total completion.  If that was all that was required, then I would be set and that achievo would have dinged hours ago.  To unlock the Completionist achievement, the player must complete the game in a very specific order.

See how its greyed out ?  That's because I haven't unlocked it yet. 
I'm not bitter ..........................................

Having been raised on games like Final Fantasy, I am forever drawn towards completing side quests and secondary missions before proceeding with a main quest.  I want to do all the little things that level up weapons and help my character rank up before I proceed to main bosses.  But the makers of Mass Effect had something else in mind.  Scouring forums and walkthroughs, I discovered that I needed to complete almost half the main game before attempting to wander off and explore the galaxy myself. 

I think crazy specific achievements like that totally defeat the purpose.  If I complete most or even all of the available side quests, main quest, and collection missions, then that should be considered a majority.  In order to get the exact order of missions, I would have to closely follow some kind of strategy guide.  I just find it frustrating and lame.

So if you plan on playing Mass Effect and want all the achievements, now you know what to watch out for.  Or if you are like me and already have 30+ hours into your second playthrough, this might just be a good time to walk away and start up Mass Effect 2.

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Linz said...

That is ridiculous!! If the achievement says "complete the majority of the game" then logically completing the majority of the game, regardless of order, should work. Boo on you, Mass Effect.