Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lighten Up

Achievos recently encountered a reader who was very upset at a phrase we used in one of our articles.  The wording was something along the lines of being “addicted” to achievements.  The reader felt that we were being insensitive to individuals who have dealt with real addiction.  This person’s comments spawned a lengthy and ongoing conversation about the potentially offensive nature of video games.

I stand firmly by Linz that her use of the word “addicted” was not in the slightest insensitive.  “Addicted” is a common, everyday term that is used to express someone’s extreme love for something.  This situation is similar to hearing someone say “When is lunch, I’m starving!” and thinking that they were being insensitive to all the people in the world with hunger and starvation problems.

Overall, this blog is not a response to one individual’s comments.  We strongly believe that every reader has a right to their opinion and we love when our writing stirs up conversation and debate.  This blog is written to explore those conversations that followed.  I talked to parents and non-parents, religious and non-religious individuals, co-workers, relatives, and more to discover that sensitive people (no matter the age) just shouldn’t play adult games.

Video games are one of the most outrageous, offensive mediums in the world today.  All of the Call of Duty games or any other military-type shooter would be considered being insensitive to the thousands of men and women that have served or currently serve in the military.  Soldiers kill and are killed in those games.  There is a great potential for that to touch some very fresh wounds given the fighting currently seen around the world.

Looking at games like Grand Theft Auto, there is prostitution, drug use, car theft, cop killing and hitting pedestrians.  In the game L.A Noire, players act as a detective, their investigations include examining dead, (often) nude bodies.  One case is based on an actual murder using the victim’s real name and circumstances.

My point is that if you are easily offended, video games probably aren’t for you.  Religion, politics, armed forces, drugs, even children are targets of racy and edgy game play.  If you plan on playing games with the big kids, it’s important to wear your big kid tough skins and lighten up.

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amandaveronica said...

Achievement addictions are real. They can ruin real relationships... just saying.

Americans are a weird species... There are some people that will have a problem with anything, and that shouldn't change anyone's original opinions of it. Arguments are healthy, otherwise life would be boring.

I agree, big kid games are not for the weak at heart.