Thursday, February 23, 2012

Never Gonna Give You Up

Gaming can be a really expensive hobby.  I developed the habit early of trading in old games towards the purchase of newer ones.  Unfortunately my craving for achievements is keeping me from getting my extra dough.
I have a number of games that are unbelievably close to 100% completion.  In Fallout: New Vegas, I am only missing seven achievements out of the 75.  They are all attainable, just really, really time consuming.  I am only missing three achievements on L.A. Noire.  Again, totally reachable goals for all three, but I still don't have the time it takes to get them.  I am only missing six on Portal 2, four on Modern Warfare, and the list goes on. 

When I am sooooooo close to getting 100%, I refuse to trade or sell.  I have had most of these games for so long now, that even if I did cave and trade them in, I wouldn't get anything reasonable for them.  Most of them would go for $5 or less.  I just can't part with the potentially gigantic victory. 

So I guess the moral of my story is that it is wiser to tough it out and get the time consuming achievements when you are playing the game the first time.  I am trying to force myself to dig back in and its much harder than I thought it would be.


Valerie said...

So true. Damn Assassin's Creed and their flags. Honestly. And yet, will I admit to being done with the game until I have them all? I say 'nay'.

amandaveronica said...

Ugh, I have all the flags in AC1 but it was before I started looking up achievements BEFORE I started a game that I realized I missed Conversationalist... some day... some day.

There is a certain art to playing a game AND getting all the achievements. I commend you on your endeavors. My boyfriend is really good at managing a play through while paying attention to all the achievements. I usually at some point just say I don't care anymore.