Sunday, June 19, 2011

You can't limit me, Xbox!

So I had a major “Say what?” moment the other day on Xbox Live.  I was tasked by Debbie to friend Kevin, her Kaiden-stand-in, and I joyously went forth, imagining hours spent together in party, knowing hilarity will ensue.

What do I get when I click to send the friend message?  This user has reached the friend limit.  Friend limit?!  Clearly Xbox is the friend police, and you are only allowed so much awesome contact.  The worst part?  The friend limit is 100.  One hundred.  Seriously? What is their reasoning behind this?

(frantic Googling happening now)

Apparently in Germany they increased the limit to 1,000.  Well that doesn’t help us poor Americans much.  There are claims that eventually they will increase the number (although 1,000 seems a little much, eh?)  I’d love some more customizable features with my friends list, like the option to group them (real life friends, clan, etc.)  This option seems especially helpful if they are to increase it to such a staggering number.  I currently have 47 friends and I can’t even keep them straight sometimes.  (Especially if their avatar looks nothing like them.  Stop being incognito, Xbox friends!)  Maybe even the ability to make a note on a friend that only you can see, like: “Met in Halo 3 match.  Kicks butt with a sniper rifle,” or, “Friend of So-and-So.”  Just a little something to remind me of who the heck you are and what’re you doing taking up one of my precious 100 spots!?

These two share a gamertag.  They look like this (photo on left) and their avatar looks like that.  How does this make any sense!?  Or help me recognize you in moments of friend deletion?

How many friends do you have?  Do you arbitrarily add people from matches that you don’t know, or are you hyper vigilant of your friend list, only allowing those on that you know and have passed a rigorous examination?  (Oh, your K2D ratio is 1:3? Sorry, you’re out.)  And, to top it all off, what if your real life friend has been offline for an indeterminate amount of time?  Is it time to give them the boot, too?


Debbie said...

I hate the the list is only 100. I keep it at 99 always so the I have at least one space open for awesome people. I probably could go through and thin out my friends list. Thing is, I don't want to. If I only play with those people once every six months then that's what I want to do. But you are completely write that if we are allowed 1000, there better be some way to find friends on the list fast. And can you imagine when people change their names and don't say it ? Madness.

Captain Effen Awesome said...

In my defense, I had nothing to do with the gamertag name or avatar. That was the brain child of happy pants up there on the left. Lol :)

Linz said...

I vote that you get your own gamertag. ;)