Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mini Bezz: The Untold Story

His KDR? 2.10. His gamer score? Well over 50,000. His game library? Over 100 titles with 58% achievement completion. He's the youngest of three, enjoys a quality Tomahawk, and is an artificial intelligence that speaks proper English. Class, lets all say hello to Mini Bezz.

Whats with the name ?
My Brother was called Bezz, and since I'm younger Mini Bezz seemed suitable.

You play a lot of different game types. What's your favorite title?
Final Fantasy 9, now most Final Fantasy(FF) fans would say FF7 and FF8 were better games. Well, that may be true; but FF9 has my favorite character in it which is Vivi.

I have witnessed you taking part in some pretty intense gaming sessions. Tell the universe about your longest time with a controller.
18-20 hours. Me and my friend just stayed up playing Tony Hawk until like 10am.

Your gamer resume is pretty impressive. What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of ?
I have done CoD:3, CoD:4, CoD:WaW, CoD:MW2, CoD:Black Ops on veteran difficulty.

Flex your nerd muscle ! If you could have any super power, what would it be and why ?
Immortality, so I could play games forever **mwhahahahahaha** and see what call of duty 100 is like.

You recently broke 50,000g. How did you celebrate ? What is your next big goal ?
When I got 50k gamer score I simply celebrated by saying "booooyah" and then continued playing my games. My next gaming goal is to reach 60k gamer score before 2012.

You seem to be able to remember Everything ! Impress us with a totally random factoid.
That in a cave on Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion there is a giant Mud Crab and I know exactly where it is.

You were diagnosably insane for a week while playing Mass Effect, was it worth it ? Did you come away with any big life lessons other than learning what your breaking point is ?
I would say yes, it was worth it because now I can look at my games list and see I have all the achievements for Mass Effect both 1&2. I will do the same for ME3. I have learned that I should NOT play a single for a whole week non-stop otherwise I will go COMPLETELY insane, although I am already CRAZY !

How many times have you played Oblivion ? Why ? Which playthrough was your favorite (like were you an elf or a mage or what) ?
I'm not sure exactly how many times I played Oblivion, but I do know it was at least 6 different characters. Each had 60 plus hours on them. The only reason I think I did it was because Oblivion was an EPIC game and still is. I mean, you could just go around doing quests or you could simply go out exploring caves, forts and villages also while killing all sorts of creatures with magic spells or a sword and shield. One of my favorite play-throughs was when I was a Dark Elf. I found this cool armor that made me invisible and a dagger where it drained all the enemy health in 1 hit. It was funny just walking up to to this big minotaur and killing it with a tiny dagger in 1 hit.

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