Thursday, October 7, 2010

Games for the Non-Gamer

Not a lot of my friends play video games. They may have one console or another, but for the most part, their gaming is definitely classified as recreational. I have found this great website that should appeal to almost everyone.

The site is It is full of thousands of fun, simple, user-created games. There are scrollers, strategy, shooting, and puzzles. They don't require any downloading. And best of all, they are FREE !!!

I have played several and I am thinking that I may be having entire reviews for some of the games at a later time. But one that I recommend now is called Izzi. Its a simple game that bases itself off of physics. You have a cannon with different color smiley faces / cannonballs. Across from the cannon are blocks with correlating colors to the cannonballs. You must shoot the ball at the matching colored blocks. It is so simple but there are little strategies to it. There is also the option for users to modify and create levels. Its like Tetris meets Little Big Planet.

There are a lot of games like this one that are very cute, very simple, and crazy addictive. They are great for a lazy afternoon stuck indoors, or even for that desk jockey at work that loves playing around on company time. Hardcore gamer or not, you should definitely check out this site.

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Linz said...

Free gaming for the win!!!