Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birds Vs. Pigs: Blood on Your Phone

My daily commute is around 3.5 hours and reading on a loud, jostling train can be futile. So as another form of entertainment, I have been looking for games to play on my iPhone. It seems like everyone I ask, no matter which phone or service they have, is enjoying this Angry Birds game. The time to jump on the bandwagon is once again upon me.

Angry Birds does not have that much of a story. There are birds with eggs. Some mean, green pigs came and take the eggs. Now you have to kill the pigs and take back the eggs. Now I always envisioned that this all had some sort of deeper, philosophical meaning. Perhaps a reflection of society and the unending politics of our daily lives. The pigs represent our daily struggle against greater corporate forces that are trying to steal the eggs. The "eggs" being our children and the "pigs" seek to brainwash every new generation into becoming thoughtless consumers. We must fight through blockades to regain control of ourselves and our lives. Alternatively, I am fairly certain that this is just cartoon birds dive-bombing pigs with mustaches. Mmmmmm ..... pigs with 'staches.

But there really is more to this game than a lot of the others out there. You have the ability to set up an account and share challenges and scores with friends and strangers alike. Its like a remedial version of networked gaming. All of that adds a new challenge to this already fun game.

Now the game itself is fairly simple in concept. You have birds, and you must launch them into blocks to kill multiple targets. There is a good chance you have played a game very similar to this. It is almost identical to games like Izzi and Fragger. It is simple and fun. As the levels progress, the challenges get harder and require a more strategic approach. And when you get stuck, don't worry, there are lots of videos and tips online to help make this a success.

The next best part of this is the price. For the iPhone, this game app is only 99 cents. And with this 99 cents, you get hundreds of levels of varying types of game play. Not sure you are willing to invest that hard earned dollar ? No problem. There is a trial app out there called Angry Birds Lite where you can play about 30 levels of the game for free. This is a great way to get a feel for it.

So the long story short is that this is a super fun game. Its easy to play and doesn't require a ton of monster, gaming skills. And with the price at just under a dollar, this is a game that any mobile gamer will enjoy.


Linz said...

Sounds fab!! too bad i live in the dark ages and don't have apple products.

Debbie said...

You dont have to have an iPhone. The man has a Google phone from t-mobile and he has the game. i think its available on most phones.