Monday, October 25, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas has been out for about a week now. There are a lot of reviews and opinions out there. One of the most commonly heard phrases about this game is that its exactly like Fallout 3. You are hearing that so much because, surprise, it IS almost identical to Fallout 3. This can be good or bad, I'm gonna break it down.

Bad news first. Its bad because I didn't want to pay $60 for a game I already have. The guns, the character interactions, even the menus are
exactly the same. And because the gameplay is identical, its kind of discouraging. I spent hours grinding through Fallout 3, completing missions and tackling no less than five different dlc downloads. So when I started this up, it felt like I was still going from the last game. Imagine completing a game in 80 hours and then realizing that the game was really 160 hours long. That is what this feels like. Its psychological.

Now for the good news, which is actually great news. Finally, a developer took to heart t
he concept of "it it ain't broke, don't fix it". All the things that I thought were fun about the last game are back. The quirky characters, the extremely user-friendly Pip-Boy, and my beloved VATS system are all back. There are some cool new features that definitely shouldn't be over-looked. You can now control your companions and have them help you with specific actions. And in addition to building new weapons, you can now modify weapons. Imagine a 0.357 Magnum with extra clips and a laser scope.

I recommend F
allout: New Vegas for just about anyone. Take a break from your crazy multiplayer shooter and indulge in some mission driven madness. Its a great game for people to play who are new to action-RPGs or are rediscovering the genre. I think this game will be for other people what Fallout 3 was for me.


Linz said...

My husband and another friend are on hold for buying this, even though Fallout 3 is their favorite game. After reading this it seems like that might not be such a bad idea. Plus, how bad would it be to wait a year and get the GotY edition for the same price?

Debbie said...

oh totally, as much as a i like this game, if i could go back i would have waited and bought the GotY. As it is, Im sure I will wait to buy the dlc until it is bundled and reduced in price on XBL.