Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party like it's 1995!

That's right.  I'm asking you: Do you have what it takes to party like it's 1995?

Because if you do, then have I got the game for you.

  It's Yoshi's Island....but it's on the DS!  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm loving this.  I tossed this little gem in after remembering that I picked it up as my "one free" in a buy two get one situation at Gamestop (love that!).  I was playing my go-to PC games, and when WoW wasn't cutting it, and the Sims 3 was having some serious graphic issues, I thought, "Hey - the toddler isn't looking, maybe I can sneak in some time with the DS."  And it was good.
Prepare to be shocked: I never owned an SNES.  That and N64 were the two Nintendo systems that I somehow missed out on.  I think because my family went Sega for a while there, and totally screwed with my Nintendo mojo.  That said, it means I missed out on a lot of these beauties until my high school years when my dear and darling friend Janelle-o had an SNES which we spent hours upon hours playing.  I have also had to relive the beauty of these games on my Gamecube, and, if I wasn't so cheap, I suppose I would enjoy them as downloadable content on the Wii.

I had to tell you that story to say that I didn't have a lot of experience with Yoshi's Island when it first came out, although I did play it in high school, and I remember it being a lot of fun.  And it ports extremely well to the DS.  It seems to me that it ported so well, that it is the exact same game.  I don't know if they had to change a thing!  If they did, I certainly can't remember.  In fact, there are unlockable mini-games on the DS version, which might even be an awesome addition to the SNES version.

I love purchasing these golden oldies on my current handhelds.  It is so awesome to relive games that I loved then, and still love now.  Maybe even love more, because I can play them anytime, anywhere...(when the toddler isn't looking.)  If you have a DS and a love for Nintendo, or even just a love for fun adventure side-scrollers, go pick up Yoshi's Island DS.  It is a blast from the past.

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Kevin said...

Yay ! I also love the buy-two-get-one deals. When they aren't robbing my boyfriend of his soul, GameStop has amazing deals ! And reconnecting with a classic game for cheap is the best. You win !