Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Never Played Bejeweled ..... Did I Just Blow Your Mind ?!?!?

Its one thing for me to not play the same game as other regular gamers. Not everyone plays Halo. Lots of people have never played Mass Effect. And many young consumers don't even bother to try out Final Fantasy, (there is a special ring in Hell for those people). Having never succumbed to the seductive advertising powers of a publisher is something to brag about. But when I don't play the same little games as even my non-gaming friends, that boastful feeling turns to ultra-nerd isolation.

My biggest example is Bejeweled. It can be played on computers, phones, and soon it will be in console form as well. Do I turn my back on this mini-phenomenon ? I don't want to be left out while everyone else exchanges their highest scores or level reached. I hate being behind the trend. I must play it !

But where do I draw the line ? There are all those Farmville whores that I never engaged with. And the cubicle jockeys that play Solitaire all day ? Don't even get me started on that elitist bunch of jerks that do the daily crossword puzzles. I mean seriously, blue pen ? No one will ever love you with that attitude, get off your high horse. My point is, I can't play every single game. So what is a girl to do ?

My first theory was that I could test drive each game. Maybe just play a few levels of Bejeweled. Or play Farmville for a week or two just to see what its like. This would even be good material for the blog. But I have a totally addictive personality. Lindsey suggested My Tribe to me just to see what I thought and now I have been playing for 190 consecutive days ! That's not okay.

My second plan was to just take the games as they come. Play Bejeweled until its no longer popular. Tackle a little Angry Birds until the next cool thing comes along. This plan is actually more practical so far. Games come and go in waves. But there are so many things out at the same time. I need to sleep at some point !

So for right now, I will just have to pick and chose. Every time a game comes along, I will have to read the reviews, get some advice, and see if its something I can walk away from. Now if you will excuse me, I have some castles to crash.


Linz said...

190 days... you poor, poor girl. Turn it off! ;)

As for Bejeweled, it rules. Get down on it.

Anna-Liisa said...

I think you should play all games that have warranted a Penny Arcade:

Linz said...

I think that is a perfectly acceptable method of choosing how to game.

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