Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Would You Do?

Ok - does anyone else sing the What Would You Do? theme song in their head every time they say that phrase?  I know I do.

Back to the blog at hand:

Look how freaking cute these creatures are!
So my toddler asked me if she could play Viva Pinata yesterday, and I was like, "Totally!  That game is so cute, you'll love it!"  So I loaded up my save game, which I hadn't been on in like a year and a half..and completely couldn't remember how to play the game.  I kind of gimped through a few things, mostly just showed my daughter the cute cartoon creatures, and then she wanted to dress my avatar and I got to quit.  When the girls laid down for their nap I loaded Viva back up for another go-round, wondering if it would come back to me.  Like riding a bike right?

An hour later, I still felt confused.  What pinatas was I trying to mate?  Which ones was I trying to draw to my garden?  What is the purpose of this giant mine building!?

What would you do in this situation?  I have hours of game-time into this game, and I am totally not the type to just let my save file go away.  I don't know if I can have a second garden or if this is one of those one-save-file only games.  This game is probably not one that I am going to lose hours of sleep over - I'll probably just gimp through it any time I play it again and never get that 100%.. sad.  But this isn't my first time in this situation.  Especially after my extended hiatus from Xbox earlier this year.  I have many games that haven't seen the light of a disc-reader in over a year.  What do I do?  How do you get yourself re-involved in a game when you pick it up after a long time away?  Or do you let go of your past efforts and start a new game?


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey- Jeremiah here.
I recently had the same problem with Dragon Age:Origins. I stopped playing about 60 hours in, with all the treaties lined up except for the dwarves, and was totally lost as to where I was, what I was doing, and how to do it. I loaded up a new character, spent a couple hours getting the hang of the controls and back story, and then jumped back into my first character.

Linz said...

That was kind of what I was planning. If I really want to get back into it, I can just start a garden on K's gamertag and get the hang of it again.. Glad you got your Origins figured out :)

Andrew said...

Everytime i hear someone or read a blog someone wrote about video games it makes me think how much i hate Zelda. Sure! i would love to "walk around and talk to people."

Debbie said...

this was great Lindsey. I totally agree. i never finished Mirror's Edge and when I went to try again like 6 months later, I couldn't remember the controls or anything. So hard to just pick up again. I might never finish that game.

Valerie said...

Andrew - I don't even know you but you are dead to me. Zelda is quite possibly one of the best rpgs ever, especially considering its franchise success and length. Just because you do not enjoy its subtle awesomeness doesn't mean its not badass. Bet you don't like a good Sauvignon Blanc either. Honestly.
Linz - this is exactly what it will feel like when I get my wii back... help me!?