Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zombie Video Games ............. Yawn

Every couple of years there are cultural explosions of random things. Lately we've seen ninjas, pirates, and now we are back to zombies. We've seen them all before and we will see them again. But zombies have infiltrated the video game market and they won't let go. My question is this: "When will there be a 'new' zombie game"?

With little exception, zombie games appear to all be the same concept. There are endless waves of zombies. Now survive. An
d that's about it. Games like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and the Burn Zombie Burn all thrive on the same idea of finding new ways to kill. Some of them come up with new ways as to how the zombies came to be. Others change up who the main character is. But for the most part, there is not much imagination in the games themselves.

I can respect that zombie games have become their own genre. After all, what are FPS games other than point and shoot over and over ? But they typically know their place. I don't play Final Fantasy and then suddenly there is a DLC pack that allows me to actually shoot down the sites for hours. But for some reason, super lame zombie DLC and add-ons are popping up everywhere. Borderlands had the crap-tastic download of Dr. Ned's Zombie Island. Call of Duty hit it off with Nazi zombies, but now that extra feature gets more creative attention than the regular game.

Now I'm sure there is some zombie-buff out there reading this and fuming. They
've seen all the zombie movies with directors commentary, watch the tv show, and play the games. This person is just dying to put me in my place about zombie media. But the bottom line for me is that I used to like some zombie games, but the over-saturation has totally turned me off. I want to be able to walk away from a game without them sneaking in there. I want to continue to be a completionist without trudging through waves of the walking dead. I can't wait until developers ease up on cramming zombies down my throat because I, like numerous others, am totally over it.


Linz said...

..So i guess you're going to be pretty irritated when I tell you there's a new Zombie Peggle DLC?

Bahahahaha jk. God, I hope I'm jk'ing.


Debbie said...

I would not be even slightly surprised if that happened. And because i live for Peggle, I would play it.

Sidecarsally said...

Resident Evil 5 was pretty bad ass, and I got regular fear boners while playing it. If you get a fear boner while playing a game, then it's a good goddamn game :D

Debbie said...

hey, scary shit jumping out of dark corners, i can respect that. but the stories and the game play are the same. hit me with something new. tell the tale from the perspective of the zombie or something.

Linz said...

Perspective of the zombie!? genius! I'd play that!