Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midnight Madness, Embrace It !

Everyone has been swamped with plenty of new games lately. And almost every title has come with a midnight release. Since games are usually released on Tuesdays, that means the massive midnight events happen on Monday nights. While this may seem really impractical during the week, here are a couple reasons why you should check them out.

First, and the most obvious: They are Crazy Fun ! Light-hearted atmosphere, great conversation, sometimes there are even cool games. Go with a fellow nerd, a non-gaming friend, or even go by yourself. Its a good time either way.

Second: Meet Awesome People ! You are bound to be standing next to someone interesting. Everyone who is standing in line loves the same game you love. You can geek out for hours while waiting for doors to open. Who wouldn't want to end their crap-lousy Monday by meeting dozens of new friends that love the same stuff you do. Its also a great way to meet new people for co-op. Strike up conversation with those around and before you know it, you will be exchanging gamertags.

Third: Amazing Perks and Deals ! Pre-ordering and picking up a game at midnight almost always comes with awesome little goodies. Keep your eyes peeled for avatar gear, extra weapons, and free songs. They also promote additional savings on strategy guides or extra money for trade-ins. And if the midnight event is the right size, there can be free drinks, free food, and giveaways.

Don't forget these easy tips to make your night more fun. If the store is outside, be mindful of the weather. Many times the line waits outside the store for hours, so dress accordingly. It sounds really obvious, but I have seen so many people not realize how cold you get standing outside at midnight without moving. Have a snack and a drink with you, even better if you have enough for everyone. I recommend a big bag of animal crackers or goldfish crackers. Your neighbors in line will love you for sharing. Lastly, bring a game. If you have a PSP or a DS, throw that in your bag. Maybe even load some fun apps on your phone. But if the crowd happens to not be the most lively bunch, you will be glad you brought it with you.

While a lot of the major midnight launches have passed, there are still a couple more out there waiting. And now, the next time a bank-draining slew of titles hits all at once, you will be prepared.


Linz said...

Although I have been extremely excited for a lot of recent game releases, I have yet to experience a midnight release. This has inspired me to move forward with this plan next time I'm buying a game on its release date.

Debbie said...

Oh man ! Its so fun ! Its just like going to a new movie at midnight but even better cuz the geek blood runs deep. i usually bring one of those big cardboard tubs of goldfish and then bask in their undying gratitude.