Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lindsey Ruined My Virtual Social Life

So every couple of months, Lindsey asks me if I have played a certain game. She recommends that I check something out and give it a try. Her latest offense has been introducing me to MyTribe. It is this silly little game on Facebook. Reminiscent of simulators like Ceasar III or Age of Empires, this game is all about building a society out of nothing and advancing them through technology and resources. But there is no battle, no time line completion, nothing. Just lots of mundane tasks and leveling. Despite its lack of action, I am completely addicted to this game.

I don't understand how this happens ! I feel like my years of dedication to intense shooters and RPG's would make me "above
" all these pointless, endless games. Or, am I really that much of a hardcore gamer that I feel compelled to do my best at even the most trivial title ? Maybe Lindsey has magical powers over me. She was successful in driving me into the cold, heartless arms of Mafia Wars as well.

And why can't I just stop playing the game altogether ? I have logged into this time waster at least once a day for over 100 days ! I know there is no end to the game. I know that it will keep leveling on forever, and I know that there is no main objective, I literally can not win. It has taken over my life completely. I check on my little island inhabitants in the morning, throughout my day at work, and then before bed. So why can't I just walk away ???

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Linz said...

It's true, I do have magic powers.