Friday, September 24, 2010

Time grows on trees, right?

So in my last blog I said "time is the issue".. that hasn't changed, but something that also doesn't change the fact that I desire to game at all times.  So I went to Best Buy today -- hey!  I had $15 in rewards to cash in.

I desperately wanted to get Reach.  And...I didn't.  (ducks behind a variety of strong devices to stop any and all projectiles from the hating public)  I knew that I wouldn't be on Xbox until December-ish and so I just couldn't justify the $60 right now.  I will get it though.  Pink Master Chief on a jetpack with hearts and confetti shooting out of my armor is just too much for this girl to resist.

But I did make a purchase that I am extremely excited about: the new Professor Layton!  I just can't get enough of that guy in his tall hat.  I'm not entirely sure I ever "finished" the last game though, so I'll have to get it out and dust it off too.  Which means I'll either have to get another DS (preferably the bright pink [or white] DSi) or I'll have to distract Kiera with ice cream and tv.  Either way.  Anyways I'm all over the place here.  Let's just say I'm excited to play more puzzle games.

Another purchase was made that I am extremely excited about: my mom got Kiera her first video game for her upcoming birthday present.  (Don't tell her!  It's a secret.)  It just excited me that Kiera is awesome enough at games to warrant getting her own games now.  We picked out Carnival Games for her on the DS.  She loves the mini games on Mario so much, I think she'll really dig Carnival Games.

Do you remember the first game you got that was actually yours?  My first system was the original Gameboy (the big, gray brick).  I remember having Mario which I loved, and I believe a Tom & Jerry game?  A super favorite was Super Mario and the Six Golden Coins.  Sooo fun.  My next system was the NES, and I had the gold Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash.  (I had more titles than just these listed, but these were special to me.  So fun!)


Debbie said...

Im loving this blog lady face. My mom always bought the consoles for herself to play and then "let" us play when she was done cuz they were the family's. no joke. so its a little weird saying that my very first one including ownership was the Game Cube. And Metroid Prime was my first game for it. And who doesnt love mini games ?! you are raising that girl right !

Anna-Liisa said...

Since I was not allowed to have video games as a kid, the first that I actually owned was probably Kingdom Hearts...when I was a sophomore in college!