Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Wouldn't Want the Game of the Year ???

A "Game of the Year" or GotY release, is a re-released copy of a game that has received the award or title of "Game of the Year" from one well known publication or another. They frequently include all DLC and add-ons since its original release. Games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Batman: Arkham Asylum have released this ever-economical version of the games. My question is: "Why aren't more publishers doing this?"

I can see that for some games, the concept of re-releasing a title might not make the most sense economically. Maybe there was only one or two small pieces of DLC added to the title. Perhaps the companies are never completely sure that they are done adding content. Or worse case scenario, the game might not have been a very good seller in the first place. There is also the issue that the game may have never actually received the "Game of the Year" title from a well-known publication. But if thats the case, then release it under some other title like "All Our Shit in One Box" edition.

I would really like to see some major blockbuster games have disc-sets that included all the map packs and extra upgrades. They could even go so far as to put in the little things that come with pre-orders like certain outfits or exclusive weapons. If its a year or two later, who cares if all the goodies have been given away ? But I would like to pick up Halo 3 and have all 8000 map packs on a second disc. It would be so freakin' handy ! I can't tell you how many times my hard drive has tweaked and I have had to re-download all the new maps. And I know I'm not the only one.

This is really just a whiny rant. I don't know what it takes to put these games together for re-release. Maybe its the most expensive thing ever. Maybe they are just lazy. I would think it would be a great way for them to drain even more money from me. No matter what the reason, I am a crabby gamer and I hate not getting what I want. And dammit, I want more GotY editions !

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Linz said...

GotY editions kind of tweak me out... I got really pissed when my husband JUST SPENT 1600 gamerpoints on Xbox live to get 2 of the last 3 fallout3 DLCs he didn't yet have and then, moments later, they released the GotY edition. Mind you we'd already spent $40 buying the game (used from a friend) and then probably $50 on all the DLC we'd already bought. We easily could've bought the GotY & saved ourselves money. But no. We didn't know it was coming out. So it's either you have never heard of a game and so you get it and the DLC for a song, or you're a hardcore fan and have spent loads of dough on all the DLC and you end up feeling screwed for wasting your money.
At least that's my humble opinion.