Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now Don't Disappoint Me...

So I conveniently get the Gamestop weekly ad emailed to me, and what do I see?  There's going to be a new Harvest Moon (HM) for the DS!  Woot!  I desperately want to pre-order it for 3 reasons:
  1. It's only $30
  2. I've always wanted a Harvest Moon title for my DS
  3. When you pre-order, you get a plush horse!
 I tried to look up some information on it, and I couldn't find much.  Apparently you move into a town in which commerce has slowed to a trickle, and you have to re-vamp it by growing your farm to amazing proportions and selling awesome stuff at the local bazaar, which was once world renown.  And, with your help, it will be again!

Don't get me wrong, I deeply and truly love HM...but it is, admittedly, formulaic.  Dilapidated farm/town?  Check!  Grow crops and animals?  Check!  Refresh, revamp and renew the town to its former glory?  Win!  And that is why I love it.  But, I am still holding back on making that all important $5 hold on my copy of Bazaar.  Why?  I'm totally afraid they'll change it up.  What if gameplay is totally lame on this particular game?  What if you can only harvest at night or something stupid?  What if there aren't cows??

Have you ever pre-ordered a game that you thought would be so awesome that you ended up totally disappointed with?  Specifically if it was part of a series, and it turned out to be so incredibly, unexpectedly lame?  I kind of had that happen with Lego Indiana Jones.  I love the Lego series, even Jones, but I bought it at full price and that was a mistake.  28 seconds after it released it went down to $20.  Totally worth $20.  Not so much $50.  That's why I'm waiting for Lego Harry Potter to see if it drops in price quickly, even though it's killing me to wait to play it.


Debbie said...

Its so difficult but sometimes worth waiting to drop that oh so precious 5 spot. I was gonna reserve Naughty Bear, I got a taste of it, and now Im glad I didnt. But I will totes buy it when its way cheaper. But you love your Harvest Moon. I would expect nothing less.

Valerie said...

You know I share your love of Harvest Moon, Linds, and some of their games on the franchise I still play when I can find the time and excuse and yet others I find myself confused by and bored because they tried to change the formula too much. After reading up a bit on grand bazaar I too got a little nervous. In order to make any money you have to sell stuff on the weekend, the only time grand bazaar is open. There are customer reviews on your stall that you need to get high enough. It all sounds really complicated when all I want to do is find a nice girl, marry her, pet my cows, and harvest my cucumbers.

Joey Adkins said...

Yeah last time I reserved a Harvest Moon title I got a plush cow.