Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Horror, The Horror

I was recently watching my boyfriend play Dead Space. I have to say, that game is crazy messed up ! I couldn't watch more than about 30 seconds at any one time before losing my nerve and looking away towards my computer. It made me appreciate how far games have really come.

I remember the days when games only had two dimensions. There was one annoying, monotone song that looped repeatedly. Your character had either a sword or a gun, sometimes they got fancy and gave you a boomerang. But they were nowhere near as engrossing as today's games.

The music and sound effects in Dead Space are almost enough to put me in the fetal position, and that's without even looking at the screen. I'm not sure if the word cinematography is appropriate, but this game has a way of making your skin crawl just by showing a flash or a shadow. The story is gripping and the gameplay is intense to say the least.

When I was a child, I always envisioned what the future would be like. I new cars would fly, humans could teleport, and that movie theaters would be interactive so you can control the outcome. Dead Space is just like living inside a horror movie. You feel the fear and run for your life. I have seen the future and it is games like Dead Space and Mass Effect. Total sensory perception with our own human involvement.

Now that's not to say that I don't periodically want to play something old or simple. There is much to be appreciated in regards to games that have a minimal number of rules and interactions. But its truly amazing how these games make you feel ! I frequently get an adrenaline rush or gamer rage, but some of these games cause fear and happiness. I have even shed a tear or two (I'm looking at you Final Fintasy X).

I'm usually bitching and moaning about one thing or another. But sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses too. And by "smell the roses", I do mean "shred mutant alien/human hybrids".


Linz said...

I think this blog makes me definitely NOT want to play Dead Space.

Also your last line is LEGENDARY.

Jordan said...

Having played through Dead Space 4 or 5 times I can truely say the only way to really experience the fear factor is to play in the dark when you know you are alone and no one can hear you scream like a 4 year old girl.

However on the bright side there are games that are much scarier than Dead Space out there like Fatal Frame and I totally agree with Linz last line legendary