Monday, August 16, 2010

Insufficient Funds: A Break-the-Bank List for Fall 2010

Metroid: Other M 08/31 ~ Don't miss your chance to play as one of the coolest females in video game history. Princess in distress ? Hell no ! One wrong look and this crazy bitch will gun you down with her arm cannon. Get dressed in your best power suit and go purchase this game !

Halo: Reach 09/14 ~ It seems like that silly Covenant just won't quit with its alien chaos and cool new weapons. Be ready for a hologram that spawns a decoy replica of yourself and I still hear on a daily basis the excitement about a jet pack. Even if you didn't get onto the Beta for this game, I'm sure we will all enjoy the benefits. Nothing helps a game launch better than a well tested Beta (I'm not looking at you MW2).

FIFA 11 09/28 ~ If you like listening to English guys bitch that you use the word "soccer" instead of "football", this game is for you ! With online multi-player, the international tensions will grow from annoying to downright confrontational. Pick your team, suit up in your favorite kit, and hit the pitch. This one is sure to be a classic .... at least until FIFA 12 releases next year.

Dead Rising 2 09/28 ~ Over-saturated on zombies yet ? Yea, I'm probably the only one. Either way, when your hunger for brains grows out of control, pick up a copy of Dead Rising 2. Look forward to the coolest new feature where you can create your own weapons. Grenades duct taped to stuffed animals ? Yes please, I'll take two.

Final Fantasy XIV 09/30 ~ This MMO is sure to be big. It may not topple WoW (nothing probably ever will), but rest assured that this MMO will not simply fade away. This title has supposedly fixed a lot of the annoyances of its predecessor FF XI.

Fallout: New Vegas 10/19 ~ Anyone who has ever met me knows that when I wasn't indulging in Fallout 3, I was having vivid fantasies about playing it. Needless to say, I am going to be first in line for New Vegas. Make sure you pre-order this one. Many different stores (Game Stop, Best Buy, Walmart, etc) have lots of different extras for those who are smart enough to pre-order. Get your extra goodies for a game you already know you're gonna buy.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 10/26 ~ I can think of several people off the top of my head who mainlined this game like a heroine fiend (ahem ... Jordan). So I mention this one in honor of those who will undoubtedly devote hours and hours of gameplay trying to unlock every last achievement. Say a pleasant goodbye to loved ones before this game comes out, because once it is in their hands they aren't likely to see the light of day for awhile.

Fable 3 10/26 ~ All reports have said to expect all the things you loved about Fable 2 and a change to all the things that sucked. Designers brag that the biggest change by far is the presence of a memorable story this time around. Story or no story, I am totes on board for a game that lets my character have an orgy. Just sayin.

Rock Band 3 10/26 ~ I am a casual player of the Rock Band series. But for those die hard players out there, get ready because here comes another hard drive busting music game. Expect better instruments, new songs, and of course, more downloadable content. If you haven't invested in a dedicated Rock Band memory unit, now is clearly the time.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 11/19 ~ In the past, I have been a total screaming, fan-girl for the Call of Duty series. But I have to say, I'm bracing for the worst and praying for the best. This installment falls under the loving umbrella of Treyarch. Their attention to detail and amazing gameplay has rarely let me down. But after the no-Beta let-down that was Modern Warfare 2, I'm waiting to see how well this one fares live before I give it my nod of approval.

Little Big Planet 2 11/16 ~ Adorable mascot ? Check. Years worth of player created-content ? Check. Fun new gimmicks to spend hours toying around with ? Check. Get ready for the endless adventures you are about to have with this sequel to the instant classic.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 11/16 ~ My year will not be complete until I pull a dirty 30 weekend hunting for useless collectibles like dyes and treasure chests. Thank you sweet Jesus for bringing me another installment of my favorite game. The franchise already owns my soul, this game will solidify my awkward obedience.


Linz said...

Excellent, comprehensive list. Clearly everyone needs a 2nd job to pay for all these amazing games...and then to quit that job in order to have time to play.

Addition: Cataclysm. WoW is releasing a new expansion which means nerds everywhere will be even further glued to their computers. I mean, new level cap? Newly designed worlds? Re-design on old worlds? What more could you ask for!?

Mark Mullis said...

If Catacylsm launches Fall 2010 I will eat my shoe.

Jordan said...

First off heroin has nothing on The Force Unleashed lol and yes I probably will abandon all sunlight in order to recieve it's eternal blessings :D

Anonymous said...

Does anyone start to resent having to spend all this money?

Linz said...

I do struggle with the money, and sometimes I get so mad that they "ding" us at $60 a pop on a game.. But then, when I'm actually feeling rational, I like to break it down and look at the cost per hour. WoW, for example, is $15 a month which irks me -- but that is only .50 cents per day. What a steal for hours of entertainment! A game that is $60, take CoD for example: you are going to have maybe 15 hrs of story line which is $4/hr, plus unlimited online play. Tell me you won't get your money's worth.

So yes. It's hard to put out the cash right away, and sometimes I think it's pretty excessive - but it can be justified. If you want it to be.

Debbie said...

I have a hard time with the money when they cram the titles back to back like that. Especially when I was craving a new game all summer then all the sudden Im spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars inside of two months. I just wish they would spread it all out.

But like Lindsey said, its far more justifiable than say going to a movie. Thats two hours of entertainment at $6/hour. Where as my $60 for Bad Company has netted me well over a hundred hours of online play.