Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Can Sim with This, or You Can Sim with That...

I have some thoughts, and my thoughts are trending towards sim (simulation) games.  There's a bloggable series in this, I just know it.

The idea for this came from a combination of 2 sources:
    1.  My love for games like Harvest Moon
    2.  Changing a poopy diaper

Weird, I know!  But work with me on this one.  Harvest Moon - Concept: Build up a farm.  Plant seeds.  Water, wait, harvest.  Get animals.  Feed, groom, kill & eat.  (Ok not kill.  Or eat.  But you can eat their by-products, I'm looking at you, Chicken!)  This game would not be fun in real life.  I mean, yes, farming has its definite advantages, like providing me with food which I love...but it is hard work.  And I believe 4 hours of watering plants would not be quite as delightful in the hot sun as it is on my nice, soft bed.

Also the Sims.  Has anyone noticed that you are just living your life on that game?  I can live life 100% of the time, but somehow living life on my computer is just that much more fun.  Heck, I can even make my virtual self on the Sims sit there and play the computer!  It's like a bizarro loop has occurred there...am I playing The Sims, or is The Sims playing me?  Ok, I know I'm playing it - but the same ideas are brought up here as they are in Harvest Moon.  In The Sims 2 I have to clean the toilet, wipe up the counters, take out the trash, pay bills.  These are things I do on a daily basis, and on a daily basis they are boring.  I avoid paying my real bills by logging into Sims and paying my fake bills.  How does this make any sense?

So I know you're wondering how the poopy diaper comes into play.  I was changing my little baby and thinking, "Would this be fun as a Sim game?"  I know there is a sim baby game on DS but I have never played it.  Maybe when you you it is just totally awesome to get a poopy diaper, and you feel a real sense of achievement when the baby is spotlessly clean again.  Maybe I would like to change poopy diapers if I got 10 gamerscore for doing it.

What other things in this life seem totally boring, but you know you would lose yourself to if it was a sim game?  (That is if you're like me and sim games just seem to suck you in and make you lose yourself.)  Sim-Watch-Repair?  Sim-Garbage-Man?  Sim-Dental-Hygenist?  The possibilities are endless!


Debbie said...

this whole blog is so totally true. i love when games do that. making the most mundane tasks so fulfilling. dead on pretty lady, dead on.

Farrah said...

I totally want Sim-Dental-Hygienist!

Anonymous said...

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