Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Xbox lives in storage now...

Life update: I am currently in the middle of a cross-country move.  Allied movers came along and packed up my big tv, my xbox, my ps3....all without shedding a tear for me and what it would do to my ability to game (and subsequently blog) until they were back in my possession.  I still have the computer and the DS, but I have to say the amount of time I've spent gaming is pathetically small.  So that is why Debbie has taken the main reins and is keeping the blog alive with her wit and wisdom.  I haven't left, I will return...just not at full strength until probably the beginning of July.  But I am still here!  Don't lose heart!

This move shows just how clearly mobile gaming, (i.e. Nintendo DS), is to a gamer.  It's like my only definite outlet.  I've been keeping up on WoW (sort of in a gimpy, not leveling like normal way), but that's a crap shoot because I have to have the internet for that.  I can just pull the DS out of my diaper bag (yeah I'm hot) and play it on the fly.  If I can get it out of my daughter's hands that is.  :-)

Feel bad for me.  I feel bad for you, since you don't have my awesome blogs to read.  Thank goodness for Debbie.  She rocks!  Keep reading.  We'll be back to ourselves soon.

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Debbie said...

moving sucks and xbox misses you. stay strong sista, stay strong !