Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Today is Game On's 50th Post, and therefore a birthday of some sorts.  Happy day!  And much love to Debbie who has completely carried the load and gotten us to this milestone while I've been insanely busy running around Sioux City and playing the "single mom" game while my husband is gone.  And this game?  Totally. Sucks.

You know what else is lame?  Being away from all of my gaming apparatus.  I have to say, I am seriously missing it.  I know I have been totally lax on playing Xbox lately (before the move), but now that it's completely unavailable I am dying for some time on the box.  Halo?  Viva Pinata?  Anything!  And can I tell you how much it's killing me to have to wait to play Mario Galaxy 2?!   blargh!

Having this break from video games has really gotten me thinking though..  It is pretty much my main hobby these days. Yes, it's totally time consuming, but somehow it manages to fit into my life better than most of my other hobbies.  I can't seem to find time to read a book, any and all of my artistic hobbies have gone by the wayside (pretty impossible to get out stuff to draw or paint with a 2 year old around and try to take your creation the least bit seriously).  Also, I have the tendency to multi-task, oh, say, constantly and gaming offers me that ability.  It fulfills me in both my entertainment and social quadrants. (Yes, I have quadrants.)  If I'm on Xbox I am, more often than not, talking to Debbie.  If I'm gaming solo or playing on the DS/Computer I am either with someone in my actual presence or I am on the phone with someone.  Pretty easy to play a game & talk on the phone.  Pretty impossible to read a book and talk on the phone.  You can see how gaming wins, time and time again.

Also, as a mother, it is so easy and wonderful to be able to get caught up in the game world.  I can play for hours as someone who is not me and just get away, without actually going anywhere. And I can do it all while my kids are taking a nap or in bed for the night.  It's also easy to play when they're awake, if it's a game I can play in short bursts or play with them.  Kiki is loving to watch me play pretty much anything, even WoW.  She'll say, "You playing Warcraft?"  And I say, "Yes, get on over here, kiddo."  It's a lot of fun (until she tries to help by clicking the mouse all over the screen.  If I fall off Ashzara one more time....)

So what keeps you coming back?  Gaming is time consuming and darn expensive...yet here we sit.  We play and play and when we're not playing we're reading blogs about playing or mulling over that last tricky puzzle in Zelda or what-have-you.  What keeps us coming back?  Clearly, for me, games are just awesome.  Me and games?  We just click.  :-D

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Debbie said...

omg, happy birthday super blog !