Saturday, May 1, 2010

Video Games IN YOUR FACE: a Short Discussion on 3D Gaming

I am personally not a fan of 3D anything, but the ultimate 3D gaming experience could be closer than you think. In television and movies, 3D can be dodgy at best. It definitely has the ability to enhance what you are watching. But sometimes it is so random that it can be distracting.

Luckily for us, executing that pesky third dimension is far more effective in video games. Where some movies make awkward layers or the occasional flying implement, video games are more successful at making the whole thing fluid. Live action has a hard time being stretched and layered, where as the animation of a video games is perfect for such technology.

There is a lot coming out that will support 3D gaming. So far, it looks like Sony definitely has the head start. They are releasing games in Europe over the Playstation Network that are compatible with the Sony Bravia 3D TVs. If you purchase one of these televisions, then you are granted temporary passes for the games. There are four titles in all. Some are full games in 3D and others only showcase a single level. One of the latest Playstation firmware updates was one of many steps in prepping the console for 3D game titles.

As for titles, I expected to see a lot of lame games like 3D mini golf. But one of the types I was surprised to hear about was racing. It makes perfect sense for racing to go 3D. I've read a lot of reviews of various industry "sneak peeks" of this game. They all seem to love the fact that it makes you feel like you are really on the race track with cars surrounding you. I was also concerned about RPGs just making swords and arrows randomly point in your face, but the new dimensions make the fight seem more visceral and all encompassing. Combine the ultra graphics with some monster surround sound or Turtle Beach headsets, talk about game-gasm.

It's really hard to tell where games are going with 3D. It is safe to say that Microsoft isn't going to be able to keep up without releasing a new console. The Wii may be facing the same issue. The success of the 3D games also depends on what happens with televisions. Some TVs come with glasses, but soon, you may not even need those. With ever changing technology, it's hard to tell what will be next.


Jordan said...

3D gaming should be a highly unique experience and I think it will be a huge hit in he gaming world especially in the horror genre. I really can't wait for it to hit the xbox playing dead space in 3D by yourself in the dark should definatly increase the amount of times you jump clean out of your skin

Ebel said...

but like any other recycled innovation it could turn horror horrible. Ultimately, people will decide with their wallets. 3d entertainment will have its uses in various sectors, at least the technology has caught up enough to make it look quite good.

Linz said...

I say thumbs DOWN to 3D. I know I sound like a giant stick in the mud but I can't see 3D and never have been able to thanks to my crappy eyesight, and I know I'm not alone. The reason I say thumbs down is because I'm afraid that once 3D catches on it will be all games focus on and I'll be left in the dust. :(

Debbie said...

I def think it will be bad if games go entirely 3D. not only can some people just not even see the 3D, but i have 2 different friends who have epilepsy and that cant go to 3D movies without the risk of seizures. and i think the glasses that come with those TVs look dumb as hell !!!

Unknown said...

as the only one of us (that i know of) without stereoscopic vision, the idea of 3d becoming the standard of entertainment really bothers me. i enjoy visual entertainment. gaming, movies, and some tv. the switch to hi-def was great, but i can't see how moving to 3d is better. i don't think it will end up being an economic success, either. i do not like, want, or need 3d.

Linz said...

I'm with you, Rob. My eyesight issue is basically blindness in one eye, so I am totes screwed over in the 3D vision world. I don't see it becoming hugely popular for a long time mostly for economic reasons though. Not that many people are going to be into it enough to drop a huge wad on the necessary equipment (including those mega-tard glasses) in my estimation.