Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hide Yo Kids...

I am fairly certain that we have covered this topic before, but I feel like I need to bring it up again.  Little kids and video games.  I don't have a problem with parents deciding that their child is okay to play an "M" rated game.  I do, however, take major issue with little kids being all up on the mic.

When a game requires a clan, I see the whole idea as being a way to play together, socialize, group up, and engage with one another.  MMOs are particularly meant for a social experience.  When you take a game for adults (violence, skimpy clothes, F-bombs) and add small children (ages 12 and below), the parent is doing so at their own risk.  Allowing those same small children to get on a mic in clan chat is painful for everybody involved.  

Let's start with what should be the most obvious: my age vs their age.  I am 31 years old and I sure as hell do not want to hang out with your 7 year old.  That's weird.  It's annoying to me that I now have to spend time with a small child in order to get things done with my clan of adults aged 40 and up.

Second, what the hell kind of parent is allowing their child to get on the mic and talk to complete strangers?  Would you allow your kid to hang out in chat rooms online by themselves?  Or approach and converse with strangers in a park by themselves?  So why are there people that think it is harmless to allow their small children to be in a public lobby?  There is nothing to keep me or anyone else from saying something violent, threatening, or sexual.

Lastly, the adults that allow these kids online are super inconsiderate.  I was actually told in clan chat that I need to watch my language because there was a small child in chat.  An adult game full of talking adults should be no kids allowed.  It makes the game less fun and more awkward for everyone else.

So please, please leave your kids off the mic.  It's inappropriate for everyone involved, and I definitely won't be sorry when I teach your kid some new words.

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