Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Celebrating!

Today we could easily post a blog about MW3 and all the time Debbie has already devoted to it..but that would just be too predictable.  I could let you know how my trials and tribulations have been going as I play Disney Universe with my 4-yr-old...but there's always time for that.  Instead, today we will continue the celebrating.  Last blog we celebrated our 200th entry.  This time: I celebrate hitting 10,000 GamerScore.

It all happened last night, with Debbie & Mini Bezz at my side.  I was at 9,975 and I was going to sleep on it, resting with the sweet anticipation of hitting the 10k mark today.  But then Debbie dropped out of her MW3 game and insisted I relish the sweetness of the big G's with her in party.  Who was I to resist??

Needing only 25 points felt both exciting and daunting.  I was afraid that many of the achievements I had for 5-10 were already completed, and any for 20+ would take a major time crunch (did I mention this all started at 11 p.m.?)  So Debbie started researching what achievos I had available, and we figured my best bet would be in Dance Central or Fable 3.

I started in Dance Central.  The achievement?  100% a song in Break It Down mode.  Poker Face is easy enough, and so I headed there.  I was doing great.  This was really happening.. Then in the last section of re-cap I broke under pressure and moved an arm wrong, getting only 97% of the song and missing the 25 point achievement.. but accidentally getting a 15 pt achievement for getting 80%+ on a song in Break It Down mode!  I was kicking myself!  How could I mess it up on one stupid move!?  And now I only needed 10 pts!?  Brain explosion!  And then Debbie and I realized that it was a blessing in disguise, because had I gotten 100%, I would've gotten 2 achievements at once and not been able to relish the beauty of the clean 10,000.  It would've been a dirty, horrible 10,015.

And then Fable 3 came to the rescue.  A simple remodeling of 5 houses and I was there.  It was beautiful  The achievement popped, I saved and exited and took in the beauty of avatar Linz standing there next to those five digits.  I even dressed her up for the occasion.

And I looked like this in my excitement.
It was truly awesome.  I feel justified as a gamer.  I feel accomplished.  The last 3 years of Xbox ownership have culminated into this.  And now...?  Now I look forward to 25k I guess.  And I long-distance enjoy this:
Because your best friends make you cakes when you hit GamerScore milestones.  Huzzah!


Valerie said...

a) I expect reciprocation when the time comes. b) Its a big deal. And big deals get cake. And frosting. And FIRE. c) Also so those who 'had no idea what 9975GS... 10k tomorrow! meant' needed to know how big of a deal it was. d) just wait til you hit 20k. Oh man. There will be glitter. And heels.

Dustin said...

Congrats on your 10K GS. Mayhaps I should celebrate a little when I hit 120,000 GS, haha.

amandaveronica said...

Awesome! Congrats! I remember hitting 10K and thinking wow… I've really got something here now :)

Also, getting 1000/1000 was a pretty cool feeling.

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