Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Insert Call of Duty Pun Here]

I don't need to give an introductory statement about the Call of Duty franchise.  We don't need any witty comments or stupid little jokes where I pretend to have never heard of this monster series.  It's not clever or worth our time.  So jumping into it, Modern Warfare 3 is amazing and you need to own it.  While your temptation might be to stop there and rush out to purchase this game thanks solely to the last sentence, I encourage you to read on.  Right now, I'm going to just talk about the single player campaign. 

There have been some pretty memorable moments in past CoD games.  Players remember the first time they had a shoot out under a Ferris wheel, tore through an airport full of civilians, or realized that the main character is not quite what he seems.  But Modern Warfare 3 brings a whole new level of amazement with several scenes that will certainly find themselves solidly rooted in videogame history. 

MW3 takes us all around the world; New York, London, Sierra Leone, Berlin, Somalia, Paris, India, in the air and under water.  Each of these cities seems to have their own major event that took my breath away.  I can't describe most of the scenes since they would be huge spoilers, but I can say this without giving anything away; there was something wonderfully cathartic about shooting up Wall Street. 

The graphics are amazing, as per usual, and the game play and controls are pretty standard.  Sledgehammer didn't really break the mold with MW3, but they certainly brought some Jerry Bruckheimer entertainment to Xbox.  I am confident in my statement that this solo campaign is far better than the last three titles.  And for that I say, Thank You.

This game has some serious blood and touchy topics.  If you are a sensitive soul, you should probably walk away.


Linz said...

It's nice when a huge franchise that releases yearly can still take your breath away. I commend them for still making an effort to please their single-player gamer following in this heavily multi-player series.

Valerie said...

Why!? Why must you two always get me to want games I wasn't interested in before?! Its not nice on my wallet. But its super awesome for my entertainment.

Unknown said...

I really don't think MW3 was as good as it could have been, and a lot of metacritic user reviews seem to point it out as well...

For example:
The "elite" status that you buy for cool bonuses and info tracking of your sheet was super messed up for some time... I think it was along the lines of not being able to register it at all?

MW3 reused a lot of assets from CoD4. A lot. Including the maps. MW3 may as well be a sixty dollar DLC to what's been out before :S

... I could list more, but I'm thinking about breakfast, so I'mma stop there.

Debbie said...

I thought it was fantastic. I've been a diehard fan of the CCall of Duty series for years and years and years. I'm also usually pretty skeptically when it comes to this franchise. But I thought it was absolutely amazing with some shocking and breathtaking moments. As for Elite, I haven't even gotten it to work yet so thats about all I can say towards that.

Joey Adkins said...

This game was worth purchasing. I am not one to pre-order or purchase games on their release date. (except for Harvest Moon titles) I have not been disappointed by this decision.