Monday, August 22, 2011

Misheard Game Titles, Vol. 3

Grand Theft Auto I.V.

We've all played and enjoyed GTA titles in the past.  The world is now ready to welcome GTA Intravenous.  You enjoy the game by literally tapping it into your veins!  There is nothing like the thrill of explosions and random murder in a GTA game, but now you get that thrill plus a boost of adrenaline via the newest gaming peripheral, an I.V. bag and all the accoutrement you need to hook it straight into your arm.

This is the ultimate gaming experience.  Forget 3D.  Forget headsets that block out all noise except your game.  Forget immersive player interaction.  Grand Theft Auto I.V. is actually inside of you.

Available...well..not really anywhere. Thanks a lot, FDA!

Batman: Arcane Asylum

Batman has long been the king of gadgetry.  This dark knight has hundreds of items at his disposal to take out the baddies he encounters.  But, as we all know from day to day life and red rings of death and burned out batteries, gadgets can fail.  That's why Batman has taken up a new step: He has entered the Arcane Asylum.

That's right.  Everyone's favorite super hero of the night is going to learn him some magic.  He'll be trained by the finest wizards and mages as you level up in this game.  Imagine going up against Mr. Freeze with your new arsenal of fire spells, plus frost resistance!  Aww yeah, the Batman has become even more unstoppable.

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Debbie said...

There are so many times that I have wished a game would actually just become a part of my anatomy. GTA is not on of those games.