Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get Trenched!

Craving the snarky banter of a military commander?  Chomping at the bit to drive your own seriously armed robot?  Of course you are.  Let me introduce you to a little game called Trenched.

Found exclusively on the XBL Arcade, Trenched is a really fun third person action shooter spiced up with a little tower defense.  Each mission requires the player to protect an objective from waves of enemies.  The enemies are varied in their defenses including some that are air born, heavily armored, or have long range attack capabilities.  

There are several ways to win the battles and thus win the war.  The portion of the game that is tower defense allows you to plant turrets around the field of play.  The varying kinds of turrets are all upgradeable and vital to the success of the game.

The other option to help you through the game is the addition of a friend!  That's right; this little diamond in the rough has a four person co-op.  I would typically scoff at the idea of paying 1200 points for a game that is only about four hours of gameplay.  But for the ability to link up to friends or do a blind search for other players online, this is well worth your hard earned pennies.

Be warned, this game legitimately borders on impossible if you attempt to play solo.  The first couple levels are easy.  But each mission brings increasing difficulty and more waves.  The game reaches a point very early in the game where playing with others is almost required.  You don’t have to load up the room with four players; it is playable all the way through with only two.  But if you don’t play well with others, this game might not be for you.

The game is short and doesn’t require much mental strain.  But it’s fun to take command of massive robots or “mobile trenches” and run around with your friends.  And in keeping up with this summer's other arcade titles, there is some excellent artwork and style to this game.  The price is right.  The game is fun.  Download it now. 

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