Sunday, May 8, 2011

In Honor of Mother's Day ..... Final Fantasy 10

When I was a wee lil gamer, my mom bought our family their very first home gaming system. On Christmas morning we tore into a brand new NES complete with Mario, Power Pad, and Zelda. We weren't allowed to play Zelda until mom finished it first. And in those days, before online walkthroughs and strats, mom made her own maps complete with secret locations and codes for every level using a only pencil and graph paper. Mom still plays video games more than most of my friends. So in honor of our family's original gamer, I present a review of one of mom's favorite games, the classic Final Fantasy 10.

Final Fantasy 10 was the start of a new era for the Final Fantasy franchise and for it's publisher, what we now know as Square Enix. The series was previously full of ugly pixelation. The tenth installment on the Playstation 2 would definitely be its best looking game up to that point. FF10 even looks better than some of today's releases. Number ten also brought in the use of voice actors for the first time, and decent ones at that. People instantly fell in love with the characters of Yuna and Tidus.

Speaking of the main characters, this game stayed on course with the series's tradition of strong stories. Final Fantasy 10 has everything. There is romance, a son trying to understand his father, and the impending destruction of the world. The characters are compelling and the ending has some respectable twists. Definitely worth a play through.

FF10 was the first game in the series that either of us played, and its a great place to begin. The conditional turn-based battle system is extremely user friendly as is the sphere grid. The game has a lot of worlds, maps, and exploring to do. And newer players can find their niche in melee, ranged, or magical attacks. So there really is a style for almost everyone. This game is a great introduction to the series.

With all that said, you should dig out and dust off your PS2. Final Fantasy 10 is a classic game that will easily enhance your gamer credibility. Plus, if you don't play it, you are going to get shut down by by a 59 year old woman. So do what mother says; "wash your hands and play your video games". Happy Mother's Day !!!

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Linz said...

I never made it to FF10.. I started with 7, played some of 8, got hooked on Tactics, played a little of the MMO...and haven't really been in the FF world since. I still haven't even played FF13 and I bought it when it was almost brand new. FAIL.