Sunday, March 13, 2011

Save Yourself and Cut the Rope !

I don't know about you but I have played the hell out of Angry Birds. I finished every level, went back and earned three stars, and I even toppled the Angry Bird Seasons. I think its safe to say that its time to move on. Welcome to my new mobile addiction: Cut the Rope.

Cut the Rope is a puzzle strategy game where you have to get a delicious piece of peppermint candy into the mouth of an adorable little monster. The candy swings from a rope and its your job to use the different mechanisms in each box to get him his yummy treat. There are air bubbles, fans, spiders, and more. Manipulate these in just the right way and you will find success.

There are stars to gather in each level, three to be exact. Not only is the game based on star collection, but also on score and time completed. There isn't a timer, but some the puzzles in the game are set up so that you have to rush to avoid a spider stealing your candy or try to catch the occasional disappearing star.

The game isn't perfect. One of its downfalls is that you can't always see below the screen. The puzzles can be lengthy and there is no way to scroll up and down or side to side to examine the setup before starting each one. The other problem is more significant. Sometimes the space in between moves is too small. When you are trying to cut the rope, it can be way too close to an air bubble and you accidentally pop the bubble instead of cutting the rope. Or you want to cut the rope but you slide the base that its on instead. For this reason, I think this game is probably better on the bigger iPad or other tablets to avoid these things from happening.

Either way, this game is pretty fun. It is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and will be available on the Android OS in the very near future. So if you are looking for a new game to keep on your phone, Cut the Rope could be it !

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Linz said...

It looks fun! And anything involving an adorable monster is right up my alley. You know what's not up my alley though? Anything on a smart phone, bc I don't have one. Or an iTouch. Or an iPad. Basically I'm living in the dark ages here.