Thursday, March 24, 2011

I should've had it!

I have a couple of game reviews, and something hilarious just waiting for you.. but I can't post that now because I am so full of rage that I have to blog about it to you, my willing public.

I have spent the last two days.  TWO DAYS.  working towards Ace of Adventure - a Peggle achievement where you get 20,000,000 points in a single play through of adventure mode.  And Adventure mode is like, 55 levels.

Why have I spent two days doing this?  Because I have gotten through it and gotten a 18,800,000 (fill in the 0's with random numbers, because I can't remember exactly) -- and not the 20 I needed.  That's right, I've missed it, twice, by a little over one million points.  I could seriously commit a crime.  I bit my Xbox controller.
I am going to punch this bird in the face.

So I am feeling incredibly gipped.  I understand that I haven't reached the achievement level yet, but darnit, shouldn't I get something for my days of effort other than a rage induced headache?  Achievements like this one are so frustrating.  It's for like, 30 gamerscore and it is so time intensive.  Admittedly it's not as annoying as achievements for games like Mass Effect or Fable II that require entire game play throughs...but it's kind of right there, and Peggle, although fun, is certainly not on the same caliber as a game like ME - therefore not warranting these hours of my life.  And yet here I sit, night after night.  I just want to 100% this game, but I am so over it right now.  Peggle, you're going back on the shelf for a while.

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Debbie said...

HAHAHAhahaha. I have soooooo been there. Its so close you taste it then god rips it away !