Monday, March 7, 2011

Fable III's Traitor's Keep Sets the Bar

It's hard to hide that I am a total screaming fan-girl for Fable. But even I can't hide from the obvious fact that Lionhead Studios has been less than dedicated to making quality DLC. Fortunately for us, the string of laughable attempts at add-on content has finally come to an end. I present to you, Traitor's Keep.

As the newest content for Fable III, Traitor's Keep explores several new islands in the kingdom. There has been an assassination attempt and its up to you to track down your would-be killers. Solving this mystery will take you to three different islands with four new mini-bosses. There is a new demon door, new side quests, and even more collectibles.

Traitor's Keep provides a great example to other developers what new content should be. This DLC was the perfect size. Completing Keep in it's entirety took me about th
ree hours, but there are still relationship quests and random exploring that can be done. The story line is fun and compelling with its own plot twist. And the graphics are just as good as the main story, especially in the prison.

So I obviously recommend buying this DLC. It is a lot of fun and totally worth the meager price of 560 MS points. Forget Understone. Pretend you never played Knothole Island. Traitor's Keep is the way too go.

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Linz said...

Fable has hurt me in the past... am I ready to love again? <3