Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Job Here is Done

100% complete.   The illusive 100%...  Xbox even promotes it now by having games that you've 100%-ed on the first page of your achievements page.  Mine?  Sadly blank.  I have shame face.  You can pry see it from there.

Debbie just texted me earlier this week that she got every achievement on Fable 3.  (This was part of the reason she replayed it as the 'bad guy' character, which she blogged about here.)  I am crazy jealous.  I went back and looked through the list of games I've played and how far I am on the achievements... I find that I am not very far, even though I am an admitted achievement lover!  I live for them!  I strive for them!  I work towards the most awkward, ridiculous, time consuming achievements!  And yet I am hovering around, or at less than 50% complete on the majority of my games.  Unless they're arcade, they I am usually only lacking one or two..  But that even made me think: do I want my first 100% to be on a game with twelve total achievements?

I have spent an obnoxious amount of time on games like Lego Star Wars trying to find every red brick or other super time consuming achievements.  And a lot of my game history is Guitar Hero/Rock Band and, again, it's a time thing.  I just haven't played every difficulty as every instrument.  Honestly, I probably never will.  Or there's Halo 3 - the game that claimed my life for like a year... and I'm still not 100% on that because a lot of the achive-o's are crazy events that may or may not happen in a vs. match.  Siiiigh.

I love achievements.  I really do...  Someday, I wanna catch 'em all.  How about you guys?  How many games have you 100%-ed?  And how many games do you have that you feel like you never will 100%, no matter how hard you try?


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Debbie said...

I have NINE games completed !!! But no matter how hard I try, I will never 100 % Call of Duty 4. All my friends have so its extra frustrating. If I could finish just one mission on veteran and make the course in under twenty seconds I could have this one. But let me tell you this, if I ever get it, I am going to go completely fucking meatball.