Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fable 3 Understone Steals Your Money and Smacks Your Mom

In the past, I would base my purchases of dlc on whether or not it contained achievements. Now that I have been more engulfed in RPG and action games as of late, I went out on a limb and downloaded the latest content for Fable 3. I was so excited about finally playing without achievos that I forgot to read any reviews. Fail boat, full steam ahead.

I was so proud of myself ! I kept thinking "Yes ! This will be an extension of a great story. Or maybe my character will be on some fantastic adventure." Lame grenade covered in wrong sauce. This dlc comes with a single mission and access to two mini games. The mini games would have been great earlier in the game. But most people have played through to completion by this point, so the financial winnings are totally pointless.

Lindsey reviewed the Knotthole Island content for Fable 2 and found that it was very little bang for it's buck. It would seem that some things never change. I scoured through the Understone mission, not skipping a single corner or angle. This occupied me for a total of 15 minutes. It should be understood that the content only cost 400 Microsoft Points, but even for the small amount of money and the hard drive space, I expected more. It was a disappointment to say the least.

With all these disappointments, the dlc had one last gift to give: one massive mission glitch. Thanks to this p.o.s. download, my game is now stuck. From looking on the forums, I am not the only one. I am no longer able to fast travel anywhere on the map. Some locations are only accessible via fast travel so now a whole section of the map is no longer available. My hero can only go where they can walk. I am done with the game, but I was only 6 achievements short of getting all the points unlocked, but losing access to a quarter of the map is c-blocking me for reals.

There have been so many times when Lindsey and I have suggested gamers read reviews before making a purchase. Well, I clearly should have taken my own advice. So for everyone out there that is lucky enough to read this before they buy the latest Fable 3 content, save your five dollars and buy something else.


Linz said...

How can a company regularly have crappy DLC and not get a major smack down?! Not fair. I'm sorry Debbie.

Debbie said...

Well Lindsey, you had the unfortunate task of warning the world about Knotthole Island, I guess I had to take over Understone Quest Pack. Probably one of the worst dlc I've ever had. The only redeeming thing is that it was only 400 points. Had I paid 800 or god forbid 1200, heads would've rolled. And by "heads would've rolled", I do in fact mean "I would have bitched unrelentingly until I was friendless."